Former Sec. of Defense Slammed by General Kellogg

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has another tell-all book coming out.

Esper is among the never-again Trump Republicans that worked in the Trump administration working to block Trump in 2024.

There is only one problem with his book… former Pence National Security Adviser, General Kellogg, says Esper is full of it.

Not the Trump I Know

Honestly, it is hard to imagine if we will ever really know what truly happened when Trump was in office.

Every account is different based on where their loyalties lie.

Esper, who is among those that are now trashing Trump, is doing the media circuit to promote his new book, and the media is eating him up.

Here is Esper during a recent “60 Minutes” interview.

If you want to know how the reporter feels about Trump, just notice how she calls him Mr. Trump instead of President Trump, a title generally granted by anyone still alive who has served in the office.

That alone tells you where this interview is going…

General Kellogg, however, is pouring some water on the fire, saying that Esper is not telling the whole story.

Kellogg visited with Brian Kilmeade on his radio show to shed some light on Esper’s disclosures.

What seems apparent is that Esper appears to be taking single options that were presented as the only option to make Trump appear like he was out of control…

Now, I have to think… call me naïve, but if Trump had been talking about shooting civilians for protesting, someone would have said something in real-time.

Books and interviews like this, however, are why I think Trump could be better served sitting on the sidelines in 2024 and simply endorsing someone like DeSantis.

This will only worsen, not improve, and we have to take the White House back in 2024 above all else.

Source: Fox News

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33 Responses

  1. The only people who want President Trump to sit on the sidelines are those who know he will win and return our great country back to where it was and should be while he was in office.

  2. It`s midterm election time and the farts are coming out. Apparently he didn`t get his way so he became a traitor like Romney.

    1. ABSOLUTELY I agree Walter…he’s not the only great, loyal, US loving POTUS that has a ruined reputation for something someone else did…the REAL perps get away with trashing the POTUS who did great things!!! The worst part is that the media will pick up the trash and make us believe what they cook up…I was a journalism student, lived in DC, our professors TAUGHT us how to “present” our own view and make it seem REAL”… and had family in places where they were front line to some of the garbage that STILL isn’t true!!!

      1. Add all the rest of the Progressive, Liberal, Demoncrap, Commies and RINOs who are All Seditious, Treasonous, Traitors and have already proved their Guilt by their actions.

    1. I’ll second that. Of I would be satisfied with Biden in nursing home where he really belongs.

    2. What was his treason. I have never seen any outline of the claim and I am really interested in what he has done that raises to the level off treason. being an idiot doesn’t.

  3. Esper is nothing more than a traitor. He will lie and say anything to promote the dam book. This country was in much better shape with Trump. He was for America unlike Biden. Biden is destroying us in record time. People make me sick. They lie constantly, make up BS and try their best to put down Trump. Mis construding words said putting their own dam spin on things. It is sickening.

    1. All, PLEASE, PLEASE learn to spell and use English properly BEFORE you try to appear intelligent when writing~~~

  4. The only people lapping up this fictional crap are the leftists. That is who this book was written for. Criminals entertaining fellow criminals.

  5. I never read anything written by G. McConway, I realized a while back that he’s a never trumper. Trump is the only person whe can save the United States. We are done as a country otherwise. I can see a Trump/ DeSantis ticket with DeSantis as President in 2028, it’s going to take 8yrs to fix the damage Biden has done.

  6. I listened to Esper’s interview on TV. I am appalled that he is a West Point Grad. So am I and that makes me more upset about his comments. As a member of the White House staff, he didn’t really do much. I graduated from the Academy some years before Esper and had the chance to hear McArthur give his last speech at West Point. I marched in Kennedy’s inauguration parade, had two tours in Vietnam, and have a purple heart. Never have I heard a grad talk about our leaders in such a terrible manner. Also, I would have thought that the journalist would have been more respectful, but liberals tend to be that way. I wrote the White House after seeing the poor behavior of Gen. Milley giving advice to the President and objecting to Trumps visit to a church. He is totally unfit to be where he is and I told that to the White House. He is a pouty jerk who has no reason to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. That applies to Esper also. He must have had his feelings hurt somewhere and is holding a grudge.

  7. Esper possesses what you need to succeed in government… any agency… any level.
    And what is that?? The ability to sound credible…..even when you’re not!!!!

  8. It appears to me that all of the scum bags are coming out of the wood work that d not want Donald J. Trump elected! Those individuals will spread lies just like every Dem in office! Donald J. Trump did one thing wrong while in office. He should have cleaned house of every appointed person by Obama in D.C..

  9. so many traitors in both parties, what happened to honor and integrity – like common sense and logic its been sold for getting rich.

  10. Which Republican or Democrat will beat Trump? I like DeSantis but initially as VP. Trump ASAP will save America.

  11. Ohhh wow how people are waking up and opening their eyes and ears the do not like what the demoncrates are doing and getting very irate now.Let me see googahly post this now.

  12. You’re not going to post my comments are you??? You freedom hating liberal rag!!
    Show that you’re conservative and post my freaking comments!!!

  13. Bullsh*t trump should sit on the sidelines. This country needs saving. He’s our best hope not to cave!!!!

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