Soros DA Candidates Score Big Wins

George Soros has done it again.

He just placed DAs that do not like to prosecute crimes in at least four different spots.

Sadly, one of them is Texas.


Fox News did a deep dive to find cities across the country where Whitney Tymas, Soros’ treasurer, created PACs.

From what they were able to find, there were at least four candidates linked to these PACs that won their elections.

Kimberly Graham scored about $300,000 for her Polk County election.

Jackie Sartoris, who defeated Cumberland County’s Democratic District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck, also scored $300,000 from Soros.

In Texas, Soros was able to win elections in Bexar County and Dallas County with Joe Gonzales and John Creuzot, respectfully.

This will place a radical in some of Texas’ biggest cities, including San Antonio, Dallas, Irving, Grapevine, and Addison.

These people are all about ruining conservative neighborhoods by allowing criminals back on the streets before the ink dries on their paperwork.

Source: Fox News