Source Of $426,000 in Maggie Hassan Donations Revealed

Democrat Maggie Hassan has collected more than her fair share of dirty money.

About $426,000 more than her fair share.

That’s because her fair share is zero, and she’s collected $426,000 more than that.

The Senator from New Hampshire claims to be working for the American people. Instead, she’s doing anything but. She’s working for big tech, fossil fuel, and Wall Street.

To the tune of almost a half-million dollars.

She’s collected so much money from lobbyists that the only Senator who has collected more is Chuck Schumer.

That’s because Chuck holds a leadership position who’s primary job is to raise funds.

Hassan claims to be working for the American people. Again and again she’s promised to get “big money out of politics.”

Then how can she justify spending $38 million defending her spot in Congress?

Or accepting money from the fossil fuel industry, who she frequently condemns.

This is happening because Hassan is a liar. She tells the American people what she wants us to believe, and then does NOT behave accordingly.

Her challenger Don Bolduc is looking better and better with each lie that Hassan tells.

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