Squad Taking Fire for Not Helping Party or Country

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is among the most popular members of Congress.

It is not because she has done anything for her constituents, mind you.

It is because she knows how to post videos on Instagram and TikTok and fill up her Twitter timeline with nonsense.

Now she is being called out.

Call Them What They Are

AOC is the ringleader of the Squad.

For the little work they do, they are quite popular among progressives and all have substantial war chests.

Democrat leadership is now calling them out for not campaigning for their fellow Dems other than progressives.

After an AOC video went viral for blaming the police for the crime in New York subways, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters have some new ideas on what they should be called.

Gutfeld stated, “We should call them what they are … stupid radicals — stupid punitive radicals who have absolutely no solutions other than punishing people — they’re like mini-tyrants.”

Watters chimed in, “Let’s call them ‘The Tyrants.'”

On her most recent comments, he observed, “I don’t know whether [Ocasio-Cortez] thinks that the cops cause crime or that they don’t reduce crime.

“I can’t figure that out.”

Sadly, the Squad is about to get bigger, with Rep.-elect Summer Lee (D-PA) likely to join their ranks.

Another useless Democrat from the stain of a state that also sent John Fetterman to the Hill.

Source: Fox News