Fargo Homeless Man Stabs 14-year-old Girl 25 Times in Random Attack

Fargo, North Dakota… not a town many people have heard about save the title of a TV show.

Well, that is about to change due to a horrific crime against a 14-yer-old little girl.

Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen will not get to experience prom and her father will never be able to walk her down the aisle after a homeless person allegedly on meth brutally attacks and killed the girl on Friday.

The Attack

According to the girl’s father, Robert Paulsen, Daisy was skateboarding to her mother’s home when she was attacked.

The attack took place by a nearby strip mall where the alleged murderer, Arthur Prince Kollie, was hanging out.

This was not a quick attack, either, as Kollie reportedly stabbed the girl 25 times and beat her over a 25-minute period.

The police were called when a garbage collector saw Kollie leaning over the girl, with his hands wrapped around her neck and nose.

When police finally caught up with Kollie, he had changed his clothes at a local Walmart, discarding everything with blood on it, but the police found the clothing.

When Kollie was asked about the murder, he claimed he had taken methamphetamine on Thursday and had not slept since.

He also told police he suffered from depression, personality disorders, and anxiety, as well as having no recollection of the murder, stating, “attempted murder, as is she alive? Or what? What does attempted murder mean?”

His actions, however, lean toward a far different tale, especially him discarding his bloody clothes.


This is yet another example of a Democrat destroying a city and putting its residents at risk.

Fargo’s mayor is Tim Mahoney, and he has been mayor since December 2, 2014.

At first, he was acting mayor when the sitting mayor passed away, but he was then elected to office in 2015 and ran unopposed in 2018.

Why nobody opposed him is baffling, as Fargo is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the county per capita.

According to Neighborhood Scout, there are 4.62 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, putting it in the top 10 percent of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Let me ask this question again… when are liberals in this country going to wake up and stop pulling handles simply because there is a D next to the name?

Source: The Blaze

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22 Responses

    1. Anthony Manzo
      I agree . let him hang for at least a week, so it might sink into EVIL minds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. They can’t help it. Many are morons who can’t speak English, can’t read, and are told to pull the lever where the “D” is. There should be voter ID, and proof of sanity, and IQ above single digits to vote.

  2. God, Please let this young lady live!For no fault of her own, this
    maniac decided he would do what he did to her and I hope all will
    pray for her recovery. This drugged idiots need to be put in Alcatraze.
    That place needs to reopen and so many killers then can go there forever.
    Try swimming across that channel!!

  3. One to the back of the head should do it
    after a good lengthy dousing of fire……….asap !!!

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  5. Stop the people at the border and help the homeless population in America. Thank God this girl survived but will need help after physical recovery. She had a guardian Angel.

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  7. The Radical, Leftist Liberals will never WAKE UP (UNTIL, they are attacked, family members, friends) ,then maybe, although I doubt It, they will think differently.

  8. Do it like it was done years and years ago, put this person to death now!! Don’t let him sit in jail/prison for years and live. Did he give this sweet young girl an option to live? NO, Absolutely NOT. So he should not have a trial, he killed her and I am sure she suffered terribly! Our laws need to be changed in situations like this, where they are positive he brutally killed this young girl. No rehabilitation is going to help him and if it would, he does not have the right to live!! Wake up America!!

  9. This POS should be hung upside down in the town square and guttered like the animal he is.
    We need the death penalty for this inhuman creature.

  10. What a scumbag really sad it took 25 mins for someone to help her thank god some one finally came to her aid
    fry him funny how they forget what they did but he went to walmart stole new clothes and went on his merry way
    again fry his butt

  11. The Hanging Tree needs come back.The D cares not for anyone if you don’t have a record or have a gang.They care more about getting Trump and all his supporters for caring about the American people.

  12. Due to the actions of our liberal politicians in handicapping law enforcement agencies it is past time to return to vigilance committees

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