LA Homeless Man Stabs Woman in Head

Kyli Watts has been having a tough go of it lately.

She lost her job and insurance, and now something truly horrific has happened to her.

While just walking down the street, a homeless man pulled out a pair of garden sheers and plunged them into her head.

Horrifying Video

In the video, she actually looks like she walks away in good condition…

What the video does not show, however, is Watts stumbling into a local store with the sheers embedded in her head.

She then collapsed and was rushed to a local hospital.

Now she is suffering brain damage that is likely permanent.

She will probably have sight and balance problems for the rest of her life.

Her mother, Amy Watts, was far more forgiving than I would be.

She stated, “She understands this is a very sick person.

“This is a problem that we as a society have to look at and figure out what’s next.

“Because this is just going to continue to get worse.”

It will get worse as long as people in California continue to elect Democrats to office.

LA has become an absolute pit that is being overrun by homelessness.

Homelessness often comes with mental health issues, and some of these people are very dangerous.

The result of which is innocent people being harmed, as Watts can attest to firsthand.

Source: New York Post