Stacey Abrams Going Wrong Way in Georgia Gubernatorial Race

Stacey Abrams is in trouble in Georgia and Democrats know it.

I have always maintained that this woman is nothing more than a hustler, and voters are finally starting to see that.

Governor Kemp’s lead is growing every day, and Democrats do not see her making any moves to close the gap.

Waking Up

Georgia, in essence, is becoming woke, just a different type of woke.

Of course, there are some Democrats that are already making excuses for her.

For instance, Progressive Democratic donor Steve Phillips stated, “The picture of leadership we have, Stacey is, like, the opposite.

“[Her identity as a black woman] is part of the depth of the enthusiasm for her, but it also explains the depth of the resistance.”

Translation, he believes she is losing because she is a black woman, not because of her policies and side hustles.

Over the last two months, Abrams has been exposed as someone funneling money into her pockets via shell companies in the name of social justice.

People are walking away from her in droves, and Kemp sees it and he is exploiting it while the iron is hot.

Kemp’s office stated, “Stacey Abrams’s campaign isn’t connecting with Georgia voters, and people across the country and here in Georgia know it.

“After raising millions hand over fist from out-of-state billionaires, her campaign, and Georgia Democrats, are now mired in internal squabbling.

“Gov. Kemp will continue to run on his record of putting Georgians first and his vision for a safer, stronger Georgia.”

Governor Kemp added, “I think it’s because she’s been spending so much time out of the state over the last, really, three years.

“I mean, she’s built all these bridges that she’s got from high-wealth people out in California, and up in New York, and in Washington, D.C., and she’s raising literally millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars from those folk.”

The feeling is pretty much the same in the Democrat Party, but you won’t hear anyone talk about it because they fear the wrath she will bring against them.

Much like Kamala Harris’ team, Abrams’ team will call you a racist, a sexist, or both if you doubt her ability to win.

If she loses this race, you better believe she will claim voter oppression, racism, and sexism were to blame, not her policies.

Quite frankly, people are getting sick and tired of hearing these sorry excuses.

Sources: Fox News & Washington Examiner

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38 Responses

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          1. Then you need to return to your work and stop posting your bull on this site. Actions speak much louder than words. give us a break pay for and produce your ads on an ad site.

    1. The people In Georgia are very smart people. No one who loves their state would ever vote for a person like Abrams, they. need someone with brains not with a really stupid , crooked plan to ruin our country. Keep up the good work Georgia and protect your people.

  1. All the money she has in her war chest is hers to keep as long as she pays taxes on it.
    Yes she will walk away as a multi millionaire.

    1. Too bad she gets to walk away when she loses. Prisn for violating elections laws would be better. Maybe there she could be put on a diet to reduce her fat *ss.

  2. I guess those people finally came to their senses and throw her out. She has done so much damage during her time in office so finally she can leave with all the money she has stolen. This is not racism just plain people are tired of her many lies. GOOD RIDDENCE.

  3. Look at the gap between her front teeth – that’s how much she lost the last election by.
    To represent the amount she is losing by currently she’d have to have both front teeth pulled out.

  4. All of Her Money needs to be confiscated, and given to the needy. there are a lot of programs that would use the Money for the good of Georgia. Just save enough of Her Money to Bury Her. Whatever a 55 gallon barrel plus enough cement to hold the barrel underwater, cost. it may take a 150 gallon container to put Her fat month and body into.

    1. Hey Jack: BRUTAL, absolutely BRUTAL but, ya know what, I freakin’ LOVE IT as she’s soooooooooo damn fat that she’s practically got her own Zip Code and I finally figured out that far too many Pork Rinds washed down with Coca-Cola can do that to someone right quick like, LOL!

  5. I hear you especially when she is working for communist China and is going after all the taxpayers cars money with an armed and dangerous 87000 man Army of federal Taxpayer paid 50-100 grand each to hunt down Americans and not to go after the communist supplied drug cartels and all the billions of tax free dollars they make on all the illegal drugs as they kill our kids and buy our farmland water factories and housing businesses all going to her friends communist China

  6. Ultimately she will be tried for treason, no doubt found guilty, the executed accordingly. ALL of her money will be confiscated by the Govt as well. Lots of Karma coming her way!

  7. I was born and raised in Georgia, and she is in the Communist George Soro’s pocket…….She cannot be trusted, just like when she hired people to help her fill out voter ballots by the thousands in 2020 being paid by old drool mouth Soros.

  8. Her support is collapsing because she’s a piece of LIEberal garbage and everyone is seeing that now. It has nothing to do with either her gender or skin color – GARBAGE IS AS GARBAGE DOES!!

  9. Morbidly obese, “entitled”, pathologically narcisstic, adult child… Staci Abrams couldn’t even provide a convincing act as a leader. Hope Paramount has sense enough to not reprise her in the role; Star Trek Discovery is too good a show to ruin like that!

  10. The cheating democrats are scheming as we read to steal elections. You republican in power better fight very hard to try to keep it fair and honest.

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