’60 Minutes’ Interview More Like State-run Media

Joe Biden broke his drought of media interviews this weekend, appearing on “60 Minutes.”

The interview, much as we expected, was a complete joke.

As usual, almost zero pushback against the lies that Joe Biden continues to spew when he opens his mouth.

State-run Media

CBS’s Scott Pelley conducted the interview, which could not have been softer.

In many cases, Pelley was justifying Biden’s actions in the set-up of the question.

First and foremost, Pelley did not even touch on the issues at the southern border.

He was soft on Hunter Biden, and did not push back on Biden saying the pandemic is over even though the CDC and WHO have not changed the designation as a health crisis.

NewsBusters analyst Kevin Tober stated, “From the very start, it was clear why Biden chose Pelley to conduct his first sit-down interview in months.

“Right out of the gate and until the last minute, Pelley gushed and sucked up to Biden in embarrassing fashion.

“Once Pelley was finished with his servile opening introduction for Biden, he began by asking the president a series of questions about the economic calamity Biden has caused.

“Although, Pelley didn’t frame it that way. Instead, Pelley let Biden get away with his lies on the economy and his refusal to admit the United States is in a recession.”

OutKick founder Clay Travis focused on the pandemic being declared over, stating, “Left wingers are going to be furious at him for this, but this is also interesting because less than a month ago he justified canceling a trillion dollars in student loans by citing his covid emergency powers.”

Conservative pundit Stephen L. Miller stated, “Biden used emergency covid declaration to enact student loan forgiveness and this is why Scott Pelley is a bad journalist and interviewer.”

The gushing by Pelley over Biden was shameful.

At one point, Pelley asked Biden, “You have lived a long life of triumph and tragedy. In November, you’ll be 80. And I wonder what it is that keeps you in the arena?”

When Pelley described Joe Biden as both pro-abortion and a “devout Catholic,” well, that was the breaking point for many, as the two simply do not go together.

Tober backed up my analysis, stating, “This kind of media praise would make state-controlled media in North Korea blush. Pelley would make a terrific ‘news anchor’ at a North Korean or Chinese state media outlet.”

When I saw the interview, my first observation was that it seemed like White House personnel supplied Pelley with his script.

After watching it a second time, I am convinced that was the case.

Source: Fox News

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34 Responses

  1. The guide also said 3,000 to 8,000 gallons of water would be required to extinguish a car fire, but Captain Parker Wilbourn of the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District told The Washington Post the required water usage could reach 30,000 gallons. In the Connecticut fire, if the fire department pumped 600 gallons a minute for the entire 42 minutes, it would total more than 25,000 gallons. If your electric car catches on fire make sure your are near an ocean or lake.This is the biden democrat future how does that old saying go don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

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      1. So—how’s living in a ‘garbage dump’ working for the average American these days? Everybody ‘happy’??? No?? Well, then, let’s turn that ‘garbage’ into ‘compost’ and grow a ‘better America’ after pulling out the ‘toxic weeds’!! Get out there and VOTE! (a devout organic garden)

    1. Tony…say your prayers daily. I have been saying them ever since the s^o^r^r^y s^o^n of a b^i^t^c^h let gas prices rise to record heights! Everything B^a^s^t^a^r^d B^i^d^e^n or his h^e^n^c^h^p^e^o^p^l^e touch turns to s^h^i^t!!


    1. Well welcome to reality . The sicko’s are after a one party dictatorship where they control everything up to and including your hard earned money .

      1. When I see this crap, I’m actually glad I’m old so I won’t have to live to see the ruination of my beloved country.

  3. ENOUGH of this old idiot! Impeach the loser or kill him I don’t care – I’m just tired of waking up every morning to find he’s still occupying OUR White House.

  4. It’s time to get President Joe Biden out of office. If this was a football game the Head Coach would be out of a job. The leader of his inexperienced cabinet would have to go as well. That meaning all the different coaches taking direction from the head coach. In the President’s case it appears he is taking direction from the cabinet and not calling the plays. fjc

  5. The Biden Administration, the media pundits, the teachers union, and the Washington default machine, are all smoking crack, including Hunter Biden.

  6. Any usage of water on an EV fire should constitute an EPA Finable event from what I have been told about the batteries contents. Per what I was told: The materials in the batteries are of the HAZMAT Cleanup Level requirement per EPA Law. This would mean the washing down of EV Car crashes with any leaking batteries into the storm water system should trigger an EPA Fine for all those involved. The EV car crash in north Houston required over 30,000 gallons of water to extinguish, but the water went into local ditches/storm drains.

  7. That interview was a setup from the start every thing was programmed to make biden look good to me it was a wast of time every one in the u s knows what biden is heis like a skunk Hethey tried to paint biden white but the stink don’t go away so why don’t we all call hem what he is a complet flop when it comes to doing his job I hope he runs for president it will be his worst day of his life and he will be gone forgood an hopeful to prison for life

  8. TOTAL DISCRACE! The interview, the interviewer and the old person interviewed were pathetic. Waste of time to even air it. CBS should be ashamed of Pelley for his total lack of professionalism. It’s no wonder their ratings are in the toilet. They have not improved since they lied about Bush.

  9. The same garbage every single day. Praising this so-called president for how hard he is working on the problems that he has created. If he understood how terribly wrong his stupid executive orders were we wouldn’t be in this position right now. These problems are not going away and they will only get worse until our economy economic structure is destroyed and our fearless elites take complete control of our lives forever. It might be time to leave the country before they confiscate all of the little savings we have left. Just look at who will be occupying Congress after November. It’s worse than a scary Halloween weekend.

  10. Biden and his band of leftist politicians, Total failure. The economy. The border. Kabul. Energy. Just about everything. And let’s not forget the corruption in our elections.. so, not only a complete and utter failure but also an illegitimate government. Their job, is to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Not stomping on it. ‘Fire them all’! Impeach them all. Make reservations at Gitmo for the rest of their lives.

  11. Hey, Biden is trying to send every body a check, right before the mid term election, told DemocRats , do not worry, this money will make people vote for the DemocRats, as it made Biden corrupt . his wife , son brother, the whole family and the list is big, so Biden has this new plan, send americans some money and they will forgive him and vote for him, yes, that is the new plan on the table, buy votes now, you know, money will do strange things, root to all evil,,
    The news media tells americans , Biden is pulling a head of Trump in polls, what a big lie, the opposite, even many DemocRats are turning against Biden, Nov. the 8th, let america get back on track, get rid of the poison Demcorats,
    Remember God Loves You,

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