Steny Hoyer: Biden’s COVID Relief Bill Goes to House for Vote on Friday

Joe Biden’s massive $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill has been debated for weeks now, but that is all coming to an end.

Republicans have begged to have input, but that request has been ignored from top to bottom in the Democrat Party, including Joe Biden.

Biden even publicly appealed to Republicans, asking them what they would cut, and when they supplied a list, it was ignored.

Now, that bill with zero input from Republicans will head to the House floor on Friday for a vote.

We Don’t Need Republicans

Remember those words, because they came directly from Democrat leadership in both chambers of Congress.

That statement will be put to the test now that the debate has ended.

Actually, it was never really a debate, just more of a delay so Republicans could air their grievances to nobody in particular because there was not a single Democrat listening to them.

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) announced via Twitter that the bill is going up for a vote on Friday…

Will It Pass

I have little doubt the bill will pass in the House with ease.

It may even get a few Republican votes because there are cowards in the party that have openly stated they don’t care what is in the bill outside of COVID because they need the COVID money.

It makes no sense to think like that, but that is what elected officials are saying, and it’s a disgrace.

These cowards also know that if the bill fails, it will be in the Senate, so they get to say they voted in favor to try to lure more moderate Democrats over to their side on Election Day.

Now, in the Senate, it might be a very close vote, but it will probably still pass.

We have yet to see anyone on the Democrat side of the aisle commit to not passing the bill, so even if every Republican votes against, because Democrats already voted to approve reconciliation for the bill, Kamala Harris can break the 50-50 tie and send the legislation to Biden’s desk for his signature.

And, we already know Biden will sign it because he wrote it!

Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.) is so confident the legislation will pass he is already predicting Joe Biden will have it on his desk by March 14.

Get ready to tack almost $2 trillion to the national debt with some butterfly effects that could have even worse repercussions than dooming generations with excessive taxes to make up for the ridiculous spending that is going on in this country right now.

Source: Fox News

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