Five Months After Leak, Still No Report

What do we have to do in this country to get an investigation completed in a reasonable amount of time?

The Supreme Court is back in session, yet we still have no report on the investigation into the Dobbs leak.

The investigation was announced five months ago.

Internal? No Thanks

Chief Justice Roberts ordered an internal investigation into the leak.

I have to question why he did not seek an outside investigator to run this case.

Is there any guarantee that the people he put on the investigation were not part of the leak?

My concern is that the court is back in session.

What guarantees do we have that more briefs will not be leaked for political reasons?

The list of people who had access to that brief should be very short.

Additionally, we know phone records of clerks were requested, which should have made this a pretty quick investigation.

My guess is the person that leaked is a bombshell, so the announcement is being delayed.

We need answers, Chief Justice Roberts, and we need them now.

Source: Fox News