Supreme Court Denials Surprise Conservatives

The Supreme Court is back in session and it immediately sent a shockwave through the conservative movement in this country.

The first case could have gone either way.

The second case, however, was expected to hit the court to stop government overreach, but that was also denied.

The Denials

The first case was the denial of Mike Lindell’s case.

Lindell is the founder of MyPillow, and he has an appeal of a defamation suit.

Dominion Voting Systems are suing him for his comments on the machines and their integrity during the 2020 election.

Since the Supreme Court will not hear his appeal, Dominion can move forward with its defamation suit.

If he loses that case, MyPillow will probably cease to exist.

The second case was regarding the FBI’s “filter teams” in raids.

This is a big deal because of the FBI’s self-policing in these cases.

The case, Korf v. United States, was similar to Trump’s in that seized documents were reviewed before the court responded to a claim that the documents seized were privileged.

As I have noted before, does anyone really trust the FBI enough these days to filter through these documents and not use what they find?

Source: Just the News