Louisiana Supreme Court Denies Challenge to Abortion Ban

Pro-life advocates have just been handed a monstrous win in Louisiana.

An appeal filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights on behalf of June Medical Services has been denied.

This will keep the ban on abortions in place in Louisiana.

Life Wins

June Medical Services runs the Hope Medical Group for Women.

This is an abortion provider in Shreveport, LA.

Without the ability to perform abortions, they lose a significant cash stream, which is what this is really all about.

Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life Benjamin Clapper stated, “We are thankful that babies in Louisiana will continue to be protected from abortion while the abortion industry’s frivolous lawsuit plays out in court.

“Their lawsuit is disrespectful to our citizens and legislators who have made it clear for decades that we value life in the womb. ”

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Joanna Wright, was not as excited about the ruling.

She stated, “While it is disappointing that four of the seven justices, without any written explanation, issued a ruling that will effectively deny critical care to women throughout Louisiana, the litigation continues and we are confident we can affect (sic) meaningful change.”

Louisiana’s Attorney General responded…

Expect to see a lot more of these cases pop up in the Bible belt, but the reality is the Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade leaves this decision with the states.

If people do not like the abortion laws in their state, they can move, simple as that.

Source: The Blaze

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