Supreme Court Drops Case… Justice Thomas Calls for Action Against Big Tech

After the changeover in the DOJ, the new powers that be asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the case regarding Donald Trump blocking people on his personal account while president.

The lower courts had ruled that Trump could not block them because he was the president, in essence, saying he was stifling free speech.

The court obliged the DOJ’s request, but not before justice Thomas threw down the gauntlet against big tech.

The Real Power

The power that social media has been given recently due to the protections it still enjoys regarding Section 230 has everyone concerned.

Believe it or not, there are even some liberals and Democrats that believe big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook are getting drunk on their power.

Even though this particular case was dismissed, Justice Clarence Thomas has provided some hope for those that believe sites like Twitter and Facebook need to be told the pump their brakes when it comes to censoring users they do not like.

Thomas, who agreed the case was moot at this point, stated, “As Twitter made clear, the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms.

“The extent to which that power matters for purposes of the First Amendment and the extent to which that power could lawfully be modified raise interesting and important questions.”

Thomas compares these outlets to utility companies to support his opinion, writing “A traditional telephone company laid physical wires to create a network connecting people.

“Digital platforms lay information infrastructure that can be controlled in much the same way.”

He continued, “If the analogy between common carriers and digital platforms is correct, then an answer may arise for dissatisfied platform users who would appreciate not being blocked: laws that restrict the platform’s right to exclude.”

We, as the users, can leave these platforms, but, as Thomas also pointed out, the fact is that there are no comparable platforms for us to go to right now, much in the same way utility companies dominate their respective markets.

This should serve as a rude wake-up call for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube that a major change is about to hit them.

This is a movement that is growing on both sides of the aisle as Democrats are beginning to realize that all it takes is a conservative at the helm and they will face the same challenges Donald Trump and conservatives are facing right now.

Source: Protocol

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47 Responses

    1. Absolutely….Justice Thomas acknowledged telephone companies laid wires to connect people and we don’t get cut off or censored talking on our telephones, and the same must apply to US internet traffic…

    2. maybe there is someone with backbone to tell the American people the truth on the supreme court.

    3. thank you again judge thomas. please dont retire while biden is in office.wait until trump comes back as president in 2024.god bless you sir and god bless america

      1. I cannot think of a more Honest/Reliable/Foresighted man to Give w/Great Honesty and Fortitude the Honor of the Medal of FREEDOM too. Justice Thomas speaks very seldom but when he does is with VOLUME, Honesty and DEPTH! Thank you Justice Thomas…many times over

    1. Presently the Supreme Court is MIA. They are acting on behalf of the liberal Democrats and are abdicating their primary role as the sole Branch of Our Government to town in the lawless action of every segment of our Country. For God sake stop being political. Robert’s needs to relinquish his Chief Justice title and give it to Judge Thomas.

      1. Sounds good to me….! Bush 43 must’ve been “blindsided” when he appointed this closet liberal to the Supreme Court!!!!!!

      2. I could not agree with you more! Thomas is NOT a republican, never has been and neither was the president who put him on the bench! GWB was an idiot! I used to want to throw up every time he sat there in front of the nation spewing nonsense and looking so smug! His IQ is nothing to brag about! Thomas should absolutely take Robert’s place as Chief Justice but this isn’t going to happen until after 2022 and if the dems cheat again it will never happen. . . but at that point it will be a mute issue!
        The red states have to stand strong and not accept all these illegals being shoved down their throats! We didn’t vote for that, let the blue states take them or they will turn our red states blue before 2022!
        Put them on buses and send them to DC and Delaware!

        1. They are connected to a click in our Gov that`s called the New World Order, they are Globalist.

      3. In the first place, why we have a Superior Court? Why, Why? They are for the Demos. A little thread and they bow down to the wicked. They shall eliminate the Superior Court, not more, finite, go look for another job. They are not for the American people.

  1. The INTERNET CARTEL has grown into an INSTITUTION ALIKE MR. GOEBBELS’ PROPAGANDA-MINISTERY in Hitler’s Germany or the “Ministry of Truth” in Orwell’s ‘1984’! THAT IS FASCISM PAR EXCELLENCE!

    1. Justice Thomas supported Trump regarding the mountain of evidence of voter fraud, there is solid proof that those machines can be set to switch votes, then there are many eyewitnesses, one witness is USPS driver is Jessie Morgan, you can look him up, with a few keywords. Yet Justice Thomas was ignored, it seems the majority are cowards, Roberts was overheard saying he was not going to be responsible for BLM and the Fascist riots, so we now have Mob Rule. BTW I wrote Fascist instead of Antifascists, the name they chose, but Fascism fits their ideology 100%

  2. It’s about time they got knocked down a few pegs! The Twitter was so one sided it was sickening.way to go Clarance Thomas you are great for America.

  3. Bravo Justice Thomas! We need more like you on the court! Roberts should be removed as Chief Justice and Judge Thomas put in as Chief Justice. Then the court might get something done! As it stands Roberts is a dud! Afraid to go against the demonrats.

  4. Judge Thomas America needs you right now. Big Tech has locked me out. Now they read what I say and if they don’t like it they spit me out. I am not a lawyer but We can see crimes they are doing. They don’t even try to hide it. Yet, they are getting away with it. WHY? God bless you Judge Thomas. We love America and would die for America.

  5. Thank you Judge Thomas! Yep, it’s the old “monopoly” game all over again. Isn’t there some law on the books about monopolies?

  6. I was thrown off Facebook for “Facebook Community Standards” Know this, I never used foul language, I never called anyone dirty names, I “ALWAYS CHECKED MY FACTS FOR ACCURACY.” I was called M -Fer and any other name liberals could think of so many times on F/B it became funny to me. I think F/B got tired of me wiping their noses in the facts every time I caught them lying. I also provided F/B with where I found the facts that refuted their lies. The only thing I can think of is they got their “Community Standards” off the DNC’s outhouse wall. I do not deal in what is in the bottom of or on the walls of their outhouse.

  7. The problem Is that on some of these issues the Supreme Court needs to snatch these cases up from the lower courts earlier so that these rulings can be made sooner.

  8. It feels good to have a knowledgeable and smart judge on the Supreme Court. Why not clean up all the “Big Tech” monopolies???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. We ate supposed to have 9 smart, knowledgeable and True American’s on the SCOTUS, NOT 8 tuck tail cowardly losers. Shame of them for being Traitors to America.

  9. People still whining and b!tch!ng about facefuk and twitter !!! Try quit crying and FIGHT BACK , CANCEL and DELETE them . 74 million people voted for President Trump , if just half of you whiners would DELETE Facefuk and twitter ,, that’s about ” 35 million ” people they would lose . It might be enough to BUST them , if not , thier stocks would completely tank , and d!ckw@d Zuckemberg might have to sell some of his million dollar homes !! So ,,,, quit complaining and do something about it ,,, DELETE THEM !!!

  10. please don’t retire Justice Thomas, as we desperately need you. Trump will be back in office in 2024 and we will need you then also. You and Justice Alito are our two greatest Justices, and are very much appreciated.

  11. A big thank-you to Justice Thomas!! Keep plugging away! Facebook, Twitter, et al should have their special 230 protection removed. Additionally, I believe there is a serious case to be made that these companies are in violation of the anti-trust laws. They should be broken up similar to how the Bell System was separated.

  12. Now if the other consecutive judges would follow suit we could get back to the constitution INSTEAD of a dictatorship like we have in the current situation thanks for the hope judge THOMAS

  13. Justice Thomas is in deep water. They will get rid of him like they did Scolise if he does not watch his back. He is the only one who is watching out for the conservatives and the others have not spine whatsoever

  14. God Bless You, Justice Thomas, our only Supreme Court Justice who actually STANDS for the American Way and the Constitution. You are always in our hearts. Thank you for all you do! America suffers because other justices have NO SPINE!

  15. God Bless you justice Thomas ! you are the only justice with BALLS enough to do the right thing. If I were you I would not worry, But if I was Justice Roberts I would! &74 Million people are watching every thing you are doing. God Bless Justice Roberts keep your head down.

  16. It’s about time but they need to work on Google and Yahoo who will not let us reply to anything Republican and have done this since just before the election. We are furious with them for that and we could not even donate for things.

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