Former Supreme Court Law Clerk: FBI Case is ‘Blown Apart’

Mike Davis is a former clerk for Justice Neil Gorsuch.

He joined Fox News this week to talk about the FBI raid and possible charges being filed against former president Donald Trump.

If Davis is anywhere in the ballpark on this, the case against Trump is starting to fall apart.

Not Happening

Davis is a bit more confident than I am regarding charges eventually being filed against Trump.

I have already stated that I think this entire thing was a setup that Trump walked right into.

When agents did not take all the documents from Mar-a-Lago the first time, which they could have, they set the trap for obstruction.

The moment Trump’s attorney signed the document verifying all classified documents were out (and yes, I am aware that Trump said he declassified everything), they had set the trap.

If the DOJ can somehow prove these documents were not declassified and property of the government, they get Trump on obstruction.

This does not mean they will be able to convict him, but they can indict him, which I believe is the real object here.

Davis stated, “There’s a 2012 decision by an Obama judge that former presidents can take personal records with them when they leave office.

“So there goes the obstruction allegations. It’s legally impossible to obstruct non-crimes like they’re trying to investigate here.

“There’s a track record of lying in this case. They leaked out that Attorney General Merrick Garland did not personally approve this raid. That’s a lie.

“They leaked out that Trump had nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago. That’s a lie.

“They leaked out that President Biden and the Biden White House was not — did not have a heads-up about this raid. That’s a lie.”

You can see his full interview below…

My head is honestly spinning with the different narratives coming out over this raid, but I still think Davis is off the mark here.

This case has quickly gone from classified documents to Trump lying about documents other than personal documents remaining in his possession.

This all comes down to whether Trump took documents that typically go to National Archives, then lied about them still being in his possession.

If he did that, the DOJ has its case.

What do you guys think?

Will we see an indictment against Trump after the 2022 election cycle so Dems can eliminate him from the 2024 ballot?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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