Supreme Court Leaves Several High-Profile Cases on the Backburner

If you do not think the charged political atmosphere has infiltrated our judiciary, one need only look at the recent cases the Supreme Court has decided to leave on the backburner.

The confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett had the right ready for a string of major victories, but the court has instead decided to kick the can down the road a bit more.

At the top of the list are cases involving religious freedoms, gay rights, abortion, and of course, gun control.

Kick the Can Down the Road

Josh Blackman, a law professor at South Texas College of Law Houston, believes the Supreme Court is actually contributing to the hostilities that are taking place on both sides of the aisle by not taking on these cases.

Blackman stated, “There’s always a reason to kick the can down the road.

“These issues linger and fester if they don’t come to any sort of resolution.

“That’s sort of where we are.”

Two of the major cases people on both sides of the aisle were hoping to have heard this term are a Mississippi abortion case and dispute between Texas and California that pits gay rights against religious freedoms.

In Mississippi, legislators are trying to ban any abortion after 15 weeks.

The Texas-California cases has just as many ramifications, especially for LGBTQ+ rights, as it centers around foster care and adoption by same-sex couples.

The reason this is likely happening is that Chief Justice Roberts is trying to keep the Supreme Court from being defined in the manner Democrats hyped during the presidency of Donald Trump.

When Trump was able to appoint his third justice in just four years, every powerful Democrat railed against the 6-3 advantage conservatives would now hold on the bench.

Justice Roberts has openly spoken about how politically charged the courts have become, so my best guess is that until the animosity dies down, these cases will continue to sit in consideration and will not be moved forward.

It is sad, really, that Roberts actions are doing the very thing he is trying to protect court from… being politicized.

Source: USA Today

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43 Responses

  1. The Supreme Court has become ineffective. Put me on the court and I will be glad to make decisions for them!

      1. Right, and none of us has law degrees from some lib university including ND, Barrett’s alma mater which should be a public institution. It has no longer has Catholic ideology. Am so aggravated with SCOTUS – all of them. Useless. DEMONRATS must have some huge blackmail on them or they are left-wing loons.

    1. What can you hope for from a SWAMP Court? Nothing! Judges on the court should not have connection to any party at all? How can they make any rules if they favor republican or democratic parties?

  2. Roberts needs to be removed as Chief Justice! Put someone in who isn’t afraid to go against the demonrats and run the court according to the constitution! Judge Thomas would be better.

    1. Patty,
      It is beginning to look like the Democrats are getting THEIR way without packing
      the Supreme Court. The Court as rejected even hearing the Republicans claim there was something amiss in the last election.


  4. the Supreme has turned into the nine stooges, they have no moral courage no ethics and no values, they have forgotten that the constitution is the law of the land and that their job is to uphold the constitution in it’s original context, the nine judges have failed AMERICA ,sad times are these!!!

  5. I believe they are being threatened to tow the line and do the bidding of our enemies within. You would think if this is the case they would publicly expose the treachery with names, but everyone is being paid off. Our Republic is doomed.

    1. I agree with you, Carol. Additionally, I think Chief Justice Roberts has been blackmailed since being elected (re; declaring Obamacare a tax). I have seen reports that Roberts name was on the flight manifesto to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” flight to his private island in the Caribbean. The reason he votes liberal on every key issue.

      1. FedUP:

        I can’t decide if Roberts was a closet liberal or if he’s been threatened. I firmly believe Justice Scalia did not die of natural causes. I think someone was sending a loud message to the other Justices to toe the line or else. Hard to decide but something is amiss in the Supreme Court.

        1. Tried to reply (twice) to your comment Linda….no luck….apparently, Conservative Journal Review didn’t like replies. Wonder if this will make it?

          1. I do as well. And he’s been tried and proven to overcome the left’s slanderous tactical moves. I say put him in!

  6. It’s sad that our Supreme Court Justices Are weak and afraid to make decisions that affect the American citizens. Theyr seem to cave to the pressures of the left, by doing that, they have failed the failed to uphold the Constitution and the American people, if they fear the left they need to step down and get Justices with backbones that will serve without being biased or fearful. Now everything is political and corrupt, starting with This President, Congress and now even the Supreme Court seems to be siding with the left. Seems like they’re pushing for a civil war. These corrupt elected officials have no respect for the American people who elected them by trying to takeaway our rights. They will not succeed because we the people will not allow it and we will not give up our guns, we protected by our 2nd Amendment Rights. We have our rights to defend ourselves from foreign and domestic enemies. That includes Congress who are overly abusing their power. Congress and the Supreme Court Justices needs to read the Constitution carefully. Right now I am exercising my 1st Amendment Right.

    1. Richard.
      I thought the Supreme Court was supposed to be non-political and rule if whatever case came before them met the Constitutional Standards. I guess I was mistaken and the court is political, too.

  7. it’s time the people on the supreme court became Judges and not coward who have screwed up every step of the way sense the election where they did not do their job. Roberts needs to go if he wants to run for office then get off the court and let some one who knows the Law and the Constitution do the job . because it clear the Mr. Roberts does not know either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If the Supreme Court Justice’s won’t do their jobs as they are appointed to, then the American people are the one’s to replace them with judges who will take action for the citizens of this country expect them to.

  9. Roberts has been compromised and is being blackmailed by the left wing. He has been since even befoe the ACA ruling.

  10. Have any of the judges besides Thomas spoken out on why they are not ruling on these important issues. I would like to hear from them.

  11. Liars go back on their oaths taken with their hand on the Bible, swearing to uphold the laws of the land, may God hand them all what they deserve.

  12. Siris the all U.S.A. courts since 1954 become the PRO-Kenite law courts, standing with Kenite joe’s club on Christian U.S.A.??? Sir is butt kiss the child rape-death to say its ok if all is no law, byU.S.A.s Kenite law court????

  13. Justice Roberts is more of a Democrat than a Conservative anyway, so why wait for these cases to get done. We all knw how Roberts will vote, and the latest 3 so called conservative have voted with the left wing justices more times than not. Get over yourself Roberts, do you damn job, and move one. Don’t make things worse by delaying case that need to be resolved!

  14. Justice Robert’s shouldn’t have spent so much time on Epstein’s Island, it’s made him a real target of the left and now has rendered him ineffective on the Supreme Court. He should have stepped down and kept his integrity but now he has lost that too.

  15. Our political system is set up to make people ( D, R & I) of ALL Races & Religion not like one another. ALL Politicians AND the Fake News Media only divides to control the people so they can gain Money and Power over the citizens. Once elected or appointed as ( (SCOTUS) or the city, state & federal electors, their “Oath of Office” or “Position “ should have a clause to allow expell, recall, Impeach, Fired, whatever term be appropriate and approved for That position, same as a president of the United States of America!!

  16. In short I’m saying the “Oath of Office” needs to be changed to eradicate bad people against the USA!

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