Supreme Court Rules Against Yeshiva University

When the initial order came to issue a halt to the lower court ruling by Justice Sotomayor, I thought Yeshiva University (YU) had a chance.

It turns out, she was just hoping to get the case before the court to deal YU a loss.

Conservative Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh sided with the liberal justices to uphold the lower court’s ruling regarding an LGBTQ+ student group being recognized by the university.

The school was fighting to block the recognition of the LGBTQ+ student group on a religious exemption.


The challenge for YU is that the school does not list religion in its charter.

Based on the fact alone, the group challenged the school refusing to recognize the group on campus.

The university lost the first go around on an order that blocked the school administrators from interfering with the group in the future and forced the school to recognize the group.

The majority opinion stated, “Applicants Yeshiva University and its president seek emergency relief from a non-final order of the New York trial court, requiring the University to treat an LGBTQ student group similarly to other student groups in its student club recognition process.

“The application is denied because it appears that applicants have at least two further avenues for expedited or interim state court relief.”

So, this is not a clear defeat, but it is a defeat nonetheless.

The school must now litigate the matter at the circuit level than the State Supreme Court.

The school escalated the matter because it wanted to have the issue settled before students return for the fall semester.

The dissenting opinion, written by Justice Alito, stated, “The First Amendment guarantees the right to the free exercise of religion, and if that provision means anything, it prohibits a State from enforcing its own preferred interpretation of Holy Scripture.

“Yet that is exactly what New York has done in this case.

“The upshot is that Yeshiva is almost certain to be compelled for at least some period of time (and perhaps for a lengthy spell) to instruct its students in accordance with what it regards as an incorrect interpretation of Torah and Jewish law.”

Alito also noted that if and when the case does return to the Supreme Court, Yeshiva is likely to win, so why make them jump through hoops in the process?

Source: New York Post

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18 Responses

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    1. Oh My! How can I get me a piece of that Laptop pie R41? Do I just listen to, subscribe to, or eat the total Buss S. you are posting everywhere?

      1. Why is it that the LGBTQ+ people gotta shove straight peoples faces into their fantasies? Can’t they just act like any other organization and just do their thing like any other organization? Why do they feel like the Tail (them) should be wagging the dog (us)?


  2. I think lgbtq persons are so proud of their differences that they want everyone to embrace them. They are a small number, yet so many tv commercials, movies and adds feature lgbtq people to normalize the practice to the rest of humanity. Do your own thing and leave the others alone please.

  3. Why are these students with their personal views ( to which they are entitled ) attending YU? How did they get admitted?

  4. Really?? Does the SCOTUS really not understand that a university named YESHEVA is a religious institution?!? This is so disappointing that the Court would tie itself up with such a liberal judge and prove her stronger than themselves in determining which organizations would cause more dissention for it’s students, when they are an institution of learning, not one of CONSTANT CONFUSION, AND IMMORALITY!!!
    When the Supreme Court of the United States goes liberal, we, as a nation, are in trouble, as been proven before!!!

    1. Under Roberts leadership we now should not be surprised at off the wall edicts that they’ll render. I believe the Constitution was designed as the final deciding document to determine the powers of the feds and those reserved to the states and therefore the people.

  5. A yeshiva (/jəˈʃiːvə/; Hebrew: ישיבה, lit. ‘sitting’; pl. ישיבות, yeshivot or yeshivos) is a traditional Jewish educational institution focused on the study of Rabbinic literature, primarily the Talmud and halacha (Jewish law), while Torah and Jewish philosophy are studied in parallel.

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