Supreme Court Ruling Gives American Workers Reprieve

On Thursday, American workers, most of them, were saved by the Supreme Court.

The high court struck down Joe Biden’s small business vaccine mandate.

Sadly, the mandate for some health care workers will remain in place.

Big Win, for Some

So, now it is official.

The OSHA rule that was put in place has been deemed to be unconstitutional and an overreach of the government.

That is now the second time this administration has lost a battle regarding the Constitution and its overreaching power before the Supreme Court (and there are surely more to come).

The ruling means that the federal mandate that would require all businesses of 100 or more to face heavy fines if their staffers were not vaccinated will be no more.

This ruling also puts up a roadblock for the possibility of future legislation for smaller businesses.

The problem for some workers is that numerous major corporations have already put their own mandates in place and have already lost their jobs.

Since those mandates were based on the expectation of the OSHA rule, it will be interesting to see how this all works out legally.

Health care workers did not get the same reprieve.

Tens of thousands of them have already lost their jobs, and more are now likely to join that growing list.

Ironically, even though the court allowed that mandate to remain in place, the health care industry is now allowing some COVID-positive workers to work due to staffing shortages created by all the firings.

Center for American Liberty CEO and civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon warned that we are seeing a massive overreach of government, even with the one mandate being struck down.

She stated, “Now we’re two years into this thing…this is a scary situation.

“We have unelected judges and in some cases unelected health officials in cities who are imposing regulations that govern a significant portion of our economy.

“This is not a democratic or even a Republican system of government anymore.”

She is correct, as we have seen this administration even admit that it was putting laws into place it knew would not hold up and that were unconstitutional.

When you have a current Oval Office occupant openly admitting this on TV and still bold enough to implement the rule anyway, we have a problem.

What did you think of the Supreme Court striking down Biden’s vaccine mandate for workers?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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14 Responses

    1. The Supreme Court did a h^a^l^f-a^s^s job as usual. Everyone should have gotten the reprieve. Including the health care workers. The Supreme Court has no credibility. State boundaries not respected (the Wayfair sales tax case.) Now, health care workers’ bodies are not respected, neither by the Supreme Court or dictator Biden. This is apparent from the day George W. Bush appointed Roberts as chief justice with no prior experience on the high court.

  1. Most of the nation knew it was unconstitutional! Where is the penalty for intentionally trying to shove this on our citizens and daring us to fight back? His time is up; He is a lame duck president from now till he is gone! Not a shred of integrity in the White House today!

    1. Spot on! No integrity in the WH whatsoever. They are not working for us Americans but getting paid to, while the rest of us are to decide weather to pay a bill or go to the Dr. or feed our family. They all need to be removed!

  2. It’s what the Country Needed ! Put an End to All Mandates ! Quit. Pencil whipping the Laws ! FJB !!!

    1. I think it is still over reach. No one should be forced to take a jab in which the ingredients are not known. Wrong. The supreme court over reached.

  3. I think the Supreme Court did what they should have done the federal government has over reached their boundaries and this is just the beginning. Like I have said before the government wants total control of every American citizen. How many more variants are their going to be. I believe someone is trying to tell us something but we just won’t listen.

  4. WOW “Really” the Supreme Court did part of their job, “Only: !! So, the health care workers who were HEROEs are now victims of COVID, Please explain to the AMERICAN people HOW? can this COVID law be anything but ILLEGAL?
    If you are allowing ILLEGALS come into our country w/o TESTs or VACCINEs HOW can you mandate that AMERICAN citizens get TEST or VACCINES??????
    How does Fauci, Generals, FBI and the AG go into Court, not answer Questions and get away w/this, not being a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV but if you do not take the 5th isn’t this “disrespect and contempt of court” just a question?
    Why is Pelosi (insider trading, Hypocrite), Capital Police Chief, FBI Director, DOJ, AG and Schiff (we already no what a scum bag he is w/his false claims/lies – which have been proved) they are not being called to testify on Jan. 6th. Where do the AMERICAN people go for protection, who can we TRUST ? Our Government ???????? The Media ? LOL

    1. Exactly! We real Americans need to keep fighting back. And do all we can to have these traders removed. They are not working to protect America. AMERICANS!!

  5. All of their Unconstitutional mandates will ll fall for everyone in this Nation. GOD is on our side and satan has over extended his hand. GOD vs satan. GOD WINS every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Everyone who are the rightful, true American citizens
    are being destroyed by anti Americans who hates this
    country. With all cohorts who participated on chipping
    away bit by bit of every once of hope and love for our
    nation, please stop.. We who love our children and the
    future unborn wants to see our future generations will
    continue, pick up the torch and lead freedom march
    of free society that believes in God We Trust for this
    nation. Stop this Maxist communism movement on
    its track!!!

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