Psaki Makes Surprise Visit to Fox News

This administration has treated Fox News like it is TMZ for most of its first year.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I heard that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dared to make an appearance on Fox News with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino.

Sadly, they both never pushed back on anything she spewed.


I had so much hope for this interview, but the lack of follow-up on Hemmer and Perino’s part was very disappointing.

The interview was nothing more than a yuck fest instead of pushing back on some blatantly false statements.

It was as though they were so elated to have her on, they forgot what their actual purpose was.

As usual, the initial questions were great, but they did not push back on several blatant lies told by Psaki.

For instance, at one point, she stated that Trump asked state officials to overturn their election results, and that is just not what happened.

Trump absolutely burned up the phone lines, but his requests were to investigate the elections to see if the results were legitimate.

He never ordered anyone to just release bogus results.

So, here is the interview as it took place…

What do you guys think?

Were they just happy to have her or did you think this was a good interview?

Are you disappointed that Fox News continues to fail to push back on these blatantly false or twisted statements by this administration?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Beast

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36 Responses

  1. Fox news please don’t give up on your audience. Keep the truth alive, don’t be afraid to question it.
    I am ashamed of your handling of this interview with Psaki. You had the perfect time for the Trump story of the elections to be told honestly. Sam Dellolio

    1. Well Sam, it seems to me that Fox has been gradually leaning left. I believe this is proof and the topping on the cake. Even Peter Ducey has asked lying Psaki softball questions at times, giving her the opportunity to lie and get away with it. So sad…….

    2. Absolutely agree , the American public is giving you a chance to dig out of that hole you dug for yourself defending Biden’s illegitimate election. Fox you are being observed every minute of the day, it’s up to you . Fox attempted in the past to destroy a president that was for America and support a person that is destroying America and its citizens. You need to keep Americans informed of the truth or they will destroy you or you will destroy yourselves.

    3. what did you expect from the two most wishy washy poops at Fox. They always try to be the sweet nice people… BOOOOO … they would not say poop if they had a mouthful…
      Everyone on FOX can take a hike as far as I am concerned…Tucker… Hannity (although he tires me) and a very few others. are worth watching…. I don’t watch Fox as much anymore
      because I just get sick of them…. I hate Liberalism on every corner and I have NO INTEREST IN WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY… Watch Newsmax some… and NOTICED THAT they have succeeded in getting rid of ONE AMERICA NEWS…I AM TELLING EVERYONE THAT IS GOING

      1. I agree however Direct tv has dropped OAN & our cable company would never get it & our cable com just cancelled News Max we now only have FOX

    4. I totally agree. Don’t play politics! That is how I perceived this interview. Disappointing! Ask questions! Don’t cater to the Democrats & the Left. Very
      Disappointing Interview! Shame on you!

      1. i agree. dana and bill were kissing up to jen psaki with her lies.these two foxpeople are not fighters like trump hannity levin. they made me sick.dont ever put these two wishy people to ask question again. i was so disappointed in these two dana and bill.

    5. I saw that interview, and I was very disappointed in the journalism performance of those two.It was very congenial and relaxed. This is very disappointing considering that Psaki has to be one of the biggest liars I have ever seen, next to Adam Schiff. Fox needs to get their act together. Seeing this with Hammer and Perrino is very disappointing.

      1. I would like an answer to one simple question: WHY IS THE NEWS MEDIA SO AFRAID TO ASK THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TOUGH QUESTIONS. What are they afraid of?

    1. Actually! Another stunt like this, and Fox News will be History with me & my family & friends. We agreed unanimously that you were leaning to the Left! Keep this up & your ratings will be like CNN’s or worse!!!!


    Trump won the election until the false ballots were provided after the Poll watchers went Home- Voting machines were tampered with remotely . Connected to remote monitoring points

    There were votes counted for dead people but some one asked and received a ballot- A very well coordinated plan by the Dem’s as they knew the popularity of Trump required drastic measure- so the voting machines were rigged and other measures taken
    There are patriots who have found the ballot stuffing and miscounts (Wisconsin) (Michigan)(PA( GA)) The News Medio and TV were against what the People wanted

  3. They certainly could have done their job and called her out to either explain the comments or at the very least challenge some of “lies”! I have seen better interviews from both of them, together they really were a disappointment!

  4. What do you people expect? These 2 people are 100% Liberal and at the tipping point of being a damn ———…
    I, nor any of my friends watch Fox News anymore and haven’t for over a year.

      1. These people need to quit Fox and go to Newsmax. Or, is the left paying these two who interviewed Psaki big bucks to not ask hard questions? What is going on in this country? Why are people afraid of this administration? Some fishy stuff going on.


  6. I don’t watch Fox as much anymore either due to their more liberal slant. I still love the early morning conservative hosts- Rachel, Will, and Pete, and I wish Tucker could have taken that interview. Wouldn’t the sparks have flown! Most of us realize the administration is fake, corrupt, and a communist subversion of America.

    1. That is against the Constitution definitely. You see when an Illegal comes into a State and the Governor hands out Drivers Licenses and then brags about it. What are Citizens suppose to do. The Democrat Governor knows its wrong, but they are in so deep that they are blatant about it and even if a Recall Notice is taken to the Capital of the State, Apparently the Demo Governor can refuse to leave. That is what happened to Colorado. Polis just said I am not leaving, so stick that where the Sun Doesn’t shine. Apparently we would have had to have someone come in and run him out of the State. That never happened. Same thing with Hickenlooper. The Eastern Slope of Colorado must be full of SOB’s that like Lock Downs, hate Guns, really like the Inflation. I have not seen one Democrat say one Damn thing about the Fix that Colorado is in. Just my opinion.

      1. This nation is in a world of hurt. Not just because of tyrants, but citizens are complicit. Waiting for a hero. Not doing their duty to protect their own. We live among cowards. A society of entitled brats who would give up their freedom AND ours for a little “safety.”

        Just like many other blue states, Coloradans are complicit and cowardly. We The People had the chance to stand together and stop this before it really started. Sadly, too many compliant sheep meekly obeyed their governors. Two years ago, when this PlanDEMic began, we had the duty to speak up and out against the tyranny yet too many succumbed to the fear.

        California faced the same gubernatorial recall, against Newsome. Same fraud. Same meek obedience to their overlords.

        People disgust me these days.

  7. DO not watch FOX NEWS anymore they are losers. I watch NEWSMAX for honest news. No wonder a lot of smart people left FOX and went elsewhere.

  8. Very disappointed with Dana Perino. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought she was working for CNN !!!

  9. Fox News, you blew it, you could have asked her to tell the truth, and pointed out the to
    Psaki that she wasn’t being honest.

  10. So ashamed with bill and Dana. I guess I have a decision to make if I will watch Fox News again or not.

  11. Not surprised at all because I have noticed a continual decline by avoiding topics that are very guarded these days. Let her be interviewed by Tucker next time. He’s one for more out right honesty rather than fawning over her for agreeing to speak with them.

  12. watch tucker,hannity, ingram levin judge jeannie, jesse waters and gutfied there the honest best on fox.we need trump now.

  13. Basically all I heard was The Illegitimate President 100% Agrees with Americans and like Obummer will continue to do the exact opposite in their pursuit of a one world order and the total destruction of the USA ! MORALLY , ETHICALLY , FINANCIALLY , GODLY , !
    IF FOX REALLY WANTED TO BE (just a little patriotic) why didn’t the press the bull-____ responses ?
    ESPECIALLY !!!! The VODOO question you know the one they are trying to under penalty of the GESTPO paying u a visit WHAT ABOUT ALL THE wait for it. . . FACTUALLY one more time for all Americans who were ROBBED of their rights FACTUALLY and VERIFIED PROOF that their INDEED was CORRUPTION and FRAUD in our 2020 Election! Just one example of thousands of others/ : ANYONE besides me watch the video in GA (Fulton co.) aka Atlanta where they told the poll workers that there was a water main bust and rushed everyone out locked the doors and were taking ballots hidden from under tables and running them through the voting machine OVER and OVER and OVER. U kinda get the point. WHY ARE THESE FOUR OPERATIVES not in front of a firing squad or LIFE in prison? BRIAN and BRAD drank the STACY ABRAMS koolaid and SOLD OUT GEORGIA. NOW they are trying to save face. TOO LATE BOYS!! Don’t BELIEVE your lying eyes BRAD R. And Brian said THEIR (yes spelled right) no fraud and it was the most secure election ever! THE AG in ga. Is the one who ought to be in court I guess the GIRLS on the video were heroes and another frame job for PRESIDENT TRUMP is in order. All he did was ask that it be looked into and I am a Georgia citizen and MYSELF and 95% of GEORGIANS!

  14. Additional funding will be a waste of our tax dollars if prosecutors and DAs are not prosecuting the criminals. More money for the police will not make any difference at all.

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