Tucker Carlson: How Does America Survive 3 More years of Biden

Joe Biden has not even hit his first anniversary yet, and he arguably has the worst presidency in modern-day history.

Biden could have never lived up to the hype, but even his staunchest critics did not think the fall would come this quickly.

Well, it did, and now Tucker Carlson is wondering if we can ever survive three more years of Joe in the White House.

How Can We Survive

I honestly cannot think of one decision that Joe Biden has made that has worked out for anyone.

There simply is not anything he is doing that is helping out a single American in this country.

His policies hurt the left and the right, yet the left continues to give parade waves when Joe drives down the street.

It is as though they are oblivious that he is ruining everyone’s lives with these policies.

Inflation is up, our borders are open, he left Americans behind enemy lines, gasoline prices are going through the roof, and the list goes on.

To that point, Tucker Carlson stated, “What we are witnessing under the Biden administration is something Americans will absolutely not forgive: the decline in our standard of living.

“Biden hasn’t just embarrassed the United States internationally, though he has certainly done that.

“Americans can overlook that as they did under Ford and JFK and hope for something better next time.

“Biden has made living in this country much more difficult for millions of people.

“He’s made it a lot harder for Americans to afford basic amenities, things like building supplies and gasoline.

“Then he showed almost no interest in fixing those.

“In fact, it’s clear it is being done on purpose because of global warming.”

When Americans push back in polling, Joe tells everyone they need a better perspective.

He says this while he hob knobs with billionaires and takes a mini-vacation every weekend on the taxpayer dime.

And yes, I know Trump went to Mar-a-Lago often, but Trump still worked, and the media had access.

When Joe Biden leaves the White House, we see nary a picture until he returns to work on Mondays.

Tucker Carlson covers this and more…

What do you think? Can America survive three more years of Biden?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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35 Responses

    1. Biden need to go and go fast and take Harris Pelosi, Clinton, Obama,Sanders, Schumer and all the rest of the asshole scumbag jerkoff fraud retards and lock them up and throw away the keys 🔑 🙄

    1. Elect Conservatives in 2022. Enough that they can over ride anything he tries and make laws that correct all his stupid actions with a high enough margin that he cannot veto them.

  1. The abyss Biden & his anti-American policies have dug, and into which every American has been cast, continues to deepen with little, if any, hope of a recovery from those ill-
    conceived policies. Woe unto U.S.!


  3. Why isn’t the military or someone stepping up to take Some rational control especially the border.are they all part of this bad movie

  4. Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue! Never will… America is in trouble and the left are driving the economy wagon off the cliff… Worst Administration in American History!

  5. He is destroying America now so 3 more years the other countries will take us over. I am so sad that my grandchildren will have to live with the destruction of the US.

  6. He’ll NO! We cannot survive even 1 more minute of Bidon’s ridiculous ideas not anything else he can dream up to four on the American people! It has gone on long enough. And, for fish states, we do not need VP Harris in as President either! Somehow, somewhere she has to go too! Do I have a solution, NO. I just hope someone else has one!!!!

  7. Hell no we can’t take 4 more years with this ignorant dud….Nor even a day with the stupid VP….Something has to be done! Why can’t America keep the Deep State out of our political business?

  8. No, we can’t survive 3 more years of this idiot. Let’s pray that he has a stroke or dies in his sleep. Maybe his brain cancer is coming back again-sure seems like it since he can’t seem to talk w/out his teleprompter. Then again someone might just kill him outright after he molests another child since we know he is a pedophile.

  9. Criminal Boss Joe Biden is a prime example of how many politicians can BS our people for fifty years while smiling all the way to the bank. Except he is destroying the place in his way to the grave. Three more years seem unmaintainable, something needs to give. This is hopeless, He is taking us down to the grave with him. Dear Lord save us.

  10. No we cannot survive 3 more years of Biden and Harris. Talk is cheap and they think it is funny with his phony smile that does not do any good for the American people and the cackler thinks it is funny also. A USA president should be a very serious business man and have something of value done for our country, not the world. He is a thief as well as all the others and lie like hell. These clowns and circus has to go. Why do they all lie so badly??? They think the worse about us when they should all go to the mirror and see they are worth nothing good nor for the good of the cause. God help us America is not back Biden stop lying to us. America is falling through the cracks and you well know it and you are causing it to fall. Get out thief. That’s my take.

  11. It is time for the republicans to cut the budget of the CCC and restrict that group of misfits from sending money to outfits like the Lab in China who developed Covid-19. There is simply way too much money going to people who report to no one on what they do with taxpayer money. Money is power for the swamp crowd and they use it to justify high pay for all the corrupt people who are supposed to spend our money wisely.
    Fund citizens to park their private vehicles in every street that would be a get-a-ways for looters of these major stores. Then go in and put boots on every vehicle with stolen material in it. Stop these crimes now or we will soon not have a country.

  12. He was put in place to bring the United States down (thank you Mr. Soros). and he has done a mighty fine job of it.

  13. This is not Woke it is a JOKE having PEDOPHILE joe as a Fool from the Demonrats they R really making a MAJOR FOOL out of JB & Queen Bimbo harris ?????? All of those IDIOTS S/B taken out now or ELSE!!! can you see the FUTURE I DO do you what are we waiting for????

  14. Its time for SCOTUS to do its job and demand a complete investigation of the 2020 elections like they should have done back right after the election fiasco. Then Trump could take control of our nation . . .FAILURE TO DO JUST THAT RIGHT NOW, LATE AS IT IS, IS CRIMINAL! There may not be another legal way to remove Biden and put an honest business man back in the office before the current regime ruins the worlds greatest nation ever devised. I fear we will be in a civil war and the nation will be split into countries ! ! !

  15. And still so many people that don’t have a clue. It is obvious that Biden is not running the country, he does what he is told, he reads only from a Teleprompter, taking no questions, spend more time on Vacation than any President In History, Biden is just the Front man for Obama and The Soros,Gates, elites cartel behind the curtain, they know exactly what they are doing, and know that while everyone blames Biden, they have to answer to anyone, as as far as anyone’s concerned they are not even there, but since the Election where is Obozo and Wife? They were in the News everyday while Trump was in office, there was always the talk of his Third term being stolen by Trump, every cabinet member and Advisor in his Administration is now in the Biden in one capacity or another. Hopefully if thing change after the Midterms, ( if we make it there ) a full investigation will be done and all those that were a part of this hoax of s Administration will be Arrested, Tried, Convicted. And thrown under the Jail never to darken the Sky’s of the world again!

  16. No we are so helpless because no one in our government wants us all poor so they can keep themselves rich and get by with everything and. keep us paying the bills so they can be more powerful…..that’s the truth period!!!!!!!!

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