Suspects Charged in Brutal Murder of Virginia Military Couple

Earlier this week, we reported on the brutal murders of a military couple in Virginia.

Dr. Edward McDaniel Jr., 55, and his nurse wife, Brenda McDaniel, 63, were murdered at point-blank range outside their home.

According to police, the alleged shooters, D’Angelo Strand, 19, and Ronnie Keandre Marshall, 20, are now in custody and have been charged.

A Dispute

Both victims were military and highly decorated during their careers.

Dr. Edward McDaniel was still active, and his wife is a former winner of the Legion of Merit.

So, why did these two individuals lose their lives? It now appears the alleged shooters had gotten into an argument with another family member, more than likely their son.

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis stated, “Two full colonels were murdered in a residential neighborhood community. And for what? That’s what got us shaking our heads.”

After the murders took place, a massive manhunt was launched to find the killers.

The vehicle reported as belonging to the suspects was found early Thursday, with Strand behind the wheel.

Marshall was found and arrested later that day.

The two men are now facing second-degree murder and using a firearm in the commission of felony charges.

Source: New York Post

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27 Responses

    1. I don’t care about thugs. They need to be tried in federal court to get capital sentences. As for the color, the N word works correctly.

    2. You may only mention race, religion, or color if it is Caucasian, Christian, or white – and then you must smear it.

    3. thats for sure… but guess what color they are…can not tell you how sick I am of people getting away with crap because they yell louder than me…

  1. The two murderers have only been charged with 2nd degree murder? If they had an argument the day before and returned to kill them, they had enough time to premeditate the killing.

    1. Precisely! Fairfax County VA is now a jungle run by the jungle. Shame. Should have been Prince William County with Paul Ebert Esq. prosecuting the case…but the only way to get rid of those t^h^u^g^s is to get federal charges and a capital sentence. We put our garbage in the trash, these t^h^u^g^s need to be put down immediately.

  2. Why not 1st degree?? What is wrong with our country’s law and order???
    We are experiencing so much violence because people are not being held accountable.
    Why? Why aren’t people held accountable for looting and burning other people’s property?
    Why are they allowed to attack strangers on the street and in restaurants and any where they
    feel like it. If we do not return to law and order we will not have a country.

  3. I so agree with you! One cannot mention their race even though this is more often than not the scenario!
    It has nothing to do with racism, JUST THE FACTS!!! They should not garner stricter nor harsher punishment but neither should they get off lightly because of THE FACTS!!!

  4. No mention that the ones who murdered these people are black if they did they would be labeled racist. I remember when they would let people know the race of the suspects when reporting about a crime and I don’t mean just black. They would mention what race they were whether it was black,white,Asian, Hispanic, etc. it didn’t matter. Now they only bring up the race if the criminal is white. If the murderers were white they would have been charged with first degree murder but they are black so they are charging them with second degree murder. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had only been charged for commiting a misdemeanor since they are black. That is the mindset of the leaders in this country today bending over and kissing the black peoples behinds.

  5. Google never allows the truth be said. Fairfax County is a Sanctuary county and event don’t report if police stops a person and finds there is a warrant out for that person. Fairfax County police try to arrest and Sheriff lets them off.

  6. Second degree murder? What about first degree premeditated murder? They had an argument with another family member, so they shoot the innocent ones? They should fry for this!

  7. Note all felony suspects are Black, never Latino or Asian & those who try to committ fake Hate crimes

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