Senator Leahy Taken to DC Hospital as ‘Precaution

When you have fossils in office, they get rushed to the hospital.

That is the reality of our Congress right now.

Senator Leahy (D-VT), who has been rotting in that seat for 48 years, was taken to the hospital today as a precaution because he was not feeling well.

Retire Already

If I don’t sound empathetic to his cause, it is because I am not.

At 82 years old, he should have retired long ago.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY should be able to sit in the same seat for 48 years.

That is not how our government was set up to operate.

Leahy was at his Virginia home when he stated he did not feel well.

He will stay overnight in the hospital for observation.

I do not wish ill will on the man, but he should not be serving in Congress, period.

Source: Fox News