REPORT: Trump Organization CFO Taking Plea Deal

Former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg was put on the hit list to get back at Donald Trump.

The Manhattan DA clearly went after Weisselberg to try to get something on Trump, but it failed.

Instead, Weisselberg is entering a plea to get out of this with as little damage as possible.

Collateral Damage

Weisselberg had initially entered a plea of not guilty on charges brought against him for unreported income.

It was petty, really, in that he was being smacked for using a company car and apartment.

Rather than drag this out to a trial, he is now willing to plead the case down to lesser charges, which means the DA probably realized the case was not there that they thought they had.

Cut their losses, take what they can get, and move on, but the big fish is still swimming in the pond.

Several Trump companies are on the hook for tax-related charges, but we don’t expect a plea deal there, as Trump has to hold firm and take this to the wall to not give Democrats anything to feed off.

Expect a long, drawn-out trial, as Trump will do everything possible to keep this from coming to a conclusion before the election.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

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  3. God I am so sick of these people who only want to grow their bank accounts and reap the benefits all while ripping the taxpayers off for their own gain and personel prestige. We seniors have to jump through hoops just to put food on the table. These people should be stuck in a jail cell with a bible and loaf of stale bread and tepid water. To hell with all of them.

    1. I think the bible would be foreign to them Colleen. But, I do agree with the rest of your comment!

  4. Oh Yea, they after President Trump companies on not paying TAX to the IRS does Joe Biden ever pay his TAXES to IRS just wonder from where who knows when. So, finally it caught to him

    1. Does Hunter Biden pay tax on his illegal Chinese deals or does Joey (the Big Guy) Biden pay tax on the kick back paid to him by Hunter?

  5. R those taxes paid in that illegal money fraud instances of Hunter, Brain Dead Joe,
    & Joe’s Brother?? I want to see the tax bill that states these illegal funds have been taxed?? All the money he has paid to whores, spent for drugs were that money taxed?? And since the drugs were also illegal drugs were there taxes paid on the drugs?? Show us proof of these taxes on these people being PAID N FULL or shut the hell up on Trumps Taxes!! Show the Damn Truth!!

  6. Satan has the upper hand in the leftist party. They are at his command and it is obvious that all that they are doing is in vain and corrupt. That is the way Satan operates,.

  7. All RINO’s are involved in Biden’s corrupt skim! From Liz Cheney to Mitt Romney, Pelosi.Easy dirty money and trying to pay taxes.Hunter Biden’s son had to pay over a million dollars to the IRS.How much money he made to pay so much in as one million dollars.I don’t know if Joe Biden is capable to stand for trial because his dementia. All democrats know when they installed joe as a president.They using him as a puppet and all of us know what is going on.All democrats and his wife should be investigated for elderly abuse.

  8. Trump took legal tax deductions like we all do so what is all this fuss about his taxes. He showed his tax return when he was first elected. What he had as he was always being audited. So if he was audited then he paid what he owed after his legal write offs like we all do.

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