Tapper Slams DCCC for Using His Words in Ad

Jake Tapper finally got a taste of just how dirty Democrats are playing right now.  

Not only did the DCCC use his words in a campaign ad, but they edited the video and took the comment completely out of context.  

Perhaps that is because he was actually calling the Democrats out in the video clip they used.  

Set the Record Straight 

Tapper was clearly upset with how this all went down. 

He stated, “We took part of the segment and running an edited version on Twitter. 

“They posted the part where I noted Gibbs previous opposition to women voting but cut out the part the DCCC contributed to the Gibbs’ campaign by funding ads.  

“First I’ll play what aired on ‘The Lead’ and then play how the DCC edited out my words to hide the role they played in boosting him.” 

Here is the segment… 

The DCCC reportedly paid for $435,000 in ads to support Gibbs’ campaign during the primary.  

Source: Daily Caller