Tara Reade Blasts Democrat Party for Gaslighting Assault Victims

After Joe Biden announced his candidacy, Tara Reade came forward with some rather salacious allegations against Joe Biden.

While Biden has been hit with inappropriate touching accusations before, Reade’s tale was far more harrowing and was a legitimate rape allegation…

She never really received any acknowledgment by the media and after Biden dismissed the allegation, it just went away, the complete opposite of what happened when allegations were made against Trump and Justice Kavanaugh, even though Reade’s allegations had far more meat than the allegations made against the other two.

Reade is now furious at what she is seeing during the DNC, claiming the party is gaslighting assault victims and promoting rape culture.

She stated, “I’m a sexual assault survivor, so to me, what the speaker lineup showed is kind of like a thumb in all of our faces.

“It was … really disappointing.

“Rape culture in the United States is thriving under the Democratic Party.

“I feel that they are not only enabling but they are allowing that behavior to continue just by virtue of who they lined up as speakers who have credible sexual assault and harassment allegations against them and I feel like there’s an abandonment of the voices that are trying to be heard that really wanted systemic change.”

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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