Teachers Union Takes Out Ad Calling Parents Extremists

I thought I had seen it all.

Teachers’ unions flexed their muscles, shut down schools, and even had parents removed from PTA meetings.

In fact, they somehow got the federal government to treat them like terrorists for simply wanting to have a say in their kids’ education.

Now they have taken it a step further with an ad blitz against those parents.

Are You Kidding?

The ad claims that schools are under siege… by parents.

Watch this, then tell me if you are comfortable with these people teaching your children…

Laura Zorc, executive director of Building Education for Students Together, responded.

She stated, “Defaming parents as ‘extremists’ for standing up for their children is right out of Merrick Garland and Randi Weingarten’s playbook.

“New Jersey’s parents deserve better than this NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) slander — standing up for your children is not a political point, it is a parent’s responsibility.

“The NJEA should be ashamed for pretending they care more about children than their parents.”

They are begging for a war with parents, and they will probably get their wish.

Source: Fox News

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