Ted Cruz Confirms Media Rumors – Complicit In LIES….

Republican Ted Cruz of Texas recently made a stop at Fox News.

While there, he sat down for a chat with Sean Hannity.

At least once, America’s jaw hit the floor when Cruz exposed what’s REALLY going on in America.

The federal government is lying to us.

And big tech and mainstream media are helping Biden get away with it.

Need proof?

Take the southern border, for instance.

Cruz believes that that issue alone shows just how deep into bed Biden and the media are with each other.

It’s not fair to Americans who count on being told the truth to make their voting decisions that will shape their lives.

“We saw Karine Jean-Pierre stand up and say, people are not crossing the border, they’re not walking across the border. Listen, we’re used to flacks spinning. This was a flat-out lie. It’s an objective lie. It is 100% false. I invited her, come down to the border and see it, and her response was, I don’t need to be lectured by Republican Senators. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to give a challenge, Karine Jean-Pierre, right now: Come to this border, spend 60 minutes, one hour with me and the Border Patrol Union. We will encounter dozens, if not hundreds of illegal immigrants coming across, and if we don’t — let’s bring the entire White House press corps, and one of two things will happen: If we don’t encounter anyone, I’ll stand up and say, I was wrong. But when we encounter hundreds of people crossing, do you have the courage and integrity to stand in front of the press corps you’re lying to and say, I lied to you? That’s what an honest White House Press Secretary would say. And at the end of the day, when she lies, it’s not just her. It’s Joe Biden who is paying her to lie, and it’s every one of the docile corporate media that roll over. If every single fact-checker doesn’t say, pants on fire, they’re complicit in the lie.”

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32 Responses

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      1. where have you been. I know you have had your head in the sand. Anybody that pays attention to what is happening to our country knows our President is trying to ruin this country.

    1. Ted, why have you waited so long ? THIS should have been done immediately, STOP ALL ENTRANTS, NOW >>>> by law >>>> have ALL who have come here ILLEGALLY, STEP FORWARD and file papers in order to stay temporarily, if you are here legitimately, WE THE PEOPLE will consider your case, if not >>> go home !

  2. It is truly amazing that at this point these idiots in charge of our government believe the citizens of this country are so stupid as to believe their garbage and lies they tell us every day. We all know Biden is brainless, his handlers are traitors and cooks, Jill should be arrested due to spouse abuse, Harris is the dumbest VP we have ever had and Piglosi is the most vile, sick person every born, she is so vile you can see the hate in her eyes.

    1. I think you covered it all pretty well. And yet, we cannot do anything about it. The citizens are not in control anymore since the Democrats have shredded the constitution.

      1. We can do something about it. If they win the election in November, it will be by fraud. The 75 million American’s, including myself will have our AR-15’s out of the closet and we will destroy this communist takeover. We have a militia that is more than 10X larger than U.S. military and I don’t think our national guard has been brainwashed enough to mindlessly kill American people. “Give us liberty or give us death.” We are tough hard-core American’s and not a bunch of punks. We will probably even have real moderate democrats join us. This not about what party we belong to. I lived and worked in China for years and America now makes communist China feel like heaven compared to the radical left communist America.

    2. You know,,I can’t find one statement that is incorrect. There is so much wrong about any statement that is negative Government would be true. Never ever have I seen such an
      evil and direct attack on the American way of life like this Government is doing. Most of them should be out in prison.

  3. Does anyone see what is really going on? This is the coup that obama started and now biden is carrying out so he won’t get blamed for overthrowing our government. OUR GOVERNMENT IS BEING TAKEN OVER BY THE LIBERAL NUT CASES WHO THINK THEY ARE SO MUCH SMARTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. WE ARE LOSING AMERICA AND OUR BELOEVED REPUBLIC FROM WITHIN AND NO ONE IS TRYING TO STOP THEM.

    1. What you said is so true. Dems created so many
      changes just so it would be impossible to address
      them all. The people who voted Biden in are included
      in the scary results of the Dems changes.
      What surprises me the most is we are allowing
      them to disregard the Constitution!!!( which in some
      cases is hard to interpret.
      I am convinced USA is going down the drain—where
      are the Conservatives???? Sitting in a chair I guess!!!

      Conservatives can’t deal with all the problems created—so they
      keep quiet in all fronts????

      1. I disagree on one point. The conservatives are not just sitting in their chairs. I have great faith they are working behind the scenes. Democrats won’t involve them (except the RINOS) in anything they are doing so why should the conservative Republicans show their hand. Don’t you Think Biden and his swamp people would love to know what’s going on?

    2. Mary Kaiserman: You are so right; it is just like Premier Nakita Khrushchev of Russia said, “America would take down our flag ourselves”.

  4. well said Mr. Cruz. I would suggest the following, first allow citizen’s arrest of all these liars, then bus them to the border, dump them there until they write the truth for all to see, then bring them to court to account for their years of planned disinformation and deceitful propaganda. Next stop, loss of job, and serious jail time.

    1. Citizen’s arrest is according to the law; however, we better bring our guns and a militia because we will have to arrest all of them all the way back to the Capitol and White House because they are all co-conspirators

  5. I don’t think Biden lying to the MAGA and the 1/2 racists. The DOJ and the Dems have been lying for him. He lies to his supporters to keep them woke. If they wake up he will be guatanamoed for making them traitors to their/our beloved country.

  6. we as a voters should speak when it’s our turn to vote . & demand that our elected official should honor the wishes of the majority ruling party . you know ” PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWARD. “

  7. Immigrants coming into the USA
    from all over the world is going to make
    things scarier!!!
    What do they believe in????? Who knows!!
    The criminals along with innocents is not
    leading to anything good!!!!
    These criminals have to be dealt with NOW!!!
    At least, CLOSE THE BORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Citizens have to do what BIDEN isn’t doing—-protecting
    our country!!! IMPEACH BIDEN ———-TAKE UP HIS
    Conservative Politicians can’t just fill a chair!!!!

  8. If Rep. Ted Cruz can get Karine Jean-Piere to come down to the border eventually she would witness Mexico Pres. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador himself crossing our border!

  9. Ted cruz exposed to everyone what we all should know. The biden administration and everyone in that administration are treasonous liars and should be in prison, from biden all the way down the roster of liars.
    When the republicans take over congress, I hope Ted Cruz becomes majority leader in the senate. The woke leftists will run for cover and the rinos will be removed.

    1. Right on Ted
      Keep on exposing the liars club and thieves, criminal, crime familys in politics
      time to put them in jail

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