Texas Set to Award Border Wall Contract

Joe Biden may not want a border wall, but Texans do, and it is about to happen.

According to reports, the office overseeing the border wall project is about to award a massive contract to build a barrier that will stretch the 700+ miles along the Texas-Mexico border.

If reports are accurate, before the week is done, the contract could be awarded.

Build That Wall

As we all know by now, Trump’s border wall project faced delays right from the outset.

Trump was able to replace much of the old fencing as well as begin some new construction, but it was hardly what he had hoped for having up by the time he left office.

Even though there was significantly more of the wall that had been contracted, Biden pulled the plug.

Now Texas is going to pick up the project, at least to protect its own border.

The Texas Facilities Commission will write a check for about $1B to fund its own border wall project.

If all goes according to plan, Texas will have 733 miles of fresh border wall to help deter illegal immigration.

Source: Washington Examiner

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19 Responses

  1. At least my state is doing her part to keep Americans safe. I’m proud of Texas and I’m happy to be a Texan born and raised. Now is all the border states would follow suit, America would be safer……a lot after. From the south anyway.

    1. “Build Away” Gov ABBOTT. And sent the bill to Dictator Joe!

      What about a “Go Fund Me” effort? I’m sure that thousands, if not millions, of folks would want to contribute some amount, large or small.

  2. Thats the way to do it, We the People want this for protection and Biden wants it for …. ? Political gain, $$$$, FAME ? Boy, its too late to back off that one, you HAVE fame but not the kind one would be proud of having on record and to go in history books. We pay his salary and he should listen to what the people want done, not what he has a whim to accomplish. Not too long ago the Democrats were all for the Constitution and all of a sudden its like it no longer is in existence !!! WTH ? Mr Trump and all border governors build that wall !!!! Keep American safe at least at the point……..so far……..Its a pity our President has to be backed into another corner to get things done that are FOR the American people not what his party demands. Their wants are NOT what most of us want, regardless of which party is demanding….A few at the top of the party should not rule the entire lot of them.

      1. What really gets me is this 3.5 TRILLION PORK INFRASTRUCTURE BILL these DEMONRAT DEMOCRAT COMMIES want for their PORK PROJECTS like NAZI PIGLUCY wanting over 2 million dollars for that POS PARK of hers that she wants, and all the other PORK for the DEMONRATS DEMOCRATS CITIES &STATES DESTROYED by the BLM RIOTS and nothing for the WALL. If CHINA JOE THE CHILD MOLESTER asked NAZI PIGLUCY for 1TRILLION of that INFRASTRUCTURE BILL maybe the Republicans would go for it but no it all has to go to the DEMONRAT DEMOCRATS PORK PROJECTS…

  3. A major cause of illegal immigration is conferring birthright citizenship on anchor babies, whom their illegal alien parents then manipulate to obtain undeserved benefits. Anchor babies cannot be properly defined as citizens because their parents are illegal aliens. This is because illegal alien parents do not deserve for their anchor babies to be citizens of the host country. It’s long past time to revive and enforce the 14th amendment provision, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” and start deporting illegal aliens and their illegal alien relatives. Illegal aliens have no right to be in any other country except their own.

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  5. Hurrah for Texas, land of the free!! The people here take care of their own. Biden is Obama’s fool and now you see Obama hiding because his Afghanistan decision was disastrous. So he is throwing it onto the fool and his headboard. Now Biden is hiding the disaster by demanding virus shots whether you want them or not. It is treason for the whole bunch.

  6. Time for the coasts to be on their own. If they want to go communist, let them. The rest of the states will form the USA and continue to be a free nation. Time for session.

  7. American Taxpayers and Voters Supported the wall that’s 1 of the many reasons we voted for President Trump.At least Trump kept his word We can NOT say that for Biden or Harris.Thank You Texas😃

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