Texas Governor Greg Abbott Charges Biden is Abandoning ‘Rule of law’

Texas is probably getting hit the hardest with this massive migrant surge at the border of all the border states.  

Joe Biden has all but legalized illegal immigration, and Governor Abbott has had enough.  

Abbott is now accusing Biden of abandoning the “rule of law,” and it is hard to disagree with him.  

The Rule of Law 

Joe Biden’s immigration platform is starting to have a rather devastating butterfly effect.  

It is not only impacting federal expenses, but it is now also starting to make Texas dig deep into its coffers to pay for the added expenses of this surge.  

Governor Abbott is furious that there is no longer such a thing as illegal immigration, for all intents and purposes. 

Abbott stated, “It shows that President Biden’s approach to this is to abandon the rule of law.” 

Kamala Harris has been put in charge of finding the root cause of the surge, but Abbott figured he would save them all time, stating that it is a “lack of border security” that is really to blame. 

On the financial front, Abbott stated, “Our state legislature, they allocated about $800 million every two years for the state to pay for this. 

“This year, because of the extended time that we will have the National Guard on the border, it likely will clearly exceed a billion dollars for the state to have to secure the United States of America. 

“The first 100 days of the Biden administration, they’ve been great for the cartels, for the gangs, for the human traffickers who have been exploiting the borders.” 

Abbott is right, of course, and these are factors that the media refuses to cover simply because it would undermine Biden’s administration as well as giving Trump’s claim credence.  

Source: New York Post 

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66 Responses

  1. The media are cowards and as corrupt as the politicians! Shame! Ship the cartel, all the bad ones to Pennsylvania Avenue and see if things change.

    1. You are so right! I am discussed with the Media and a lot of the elected officials who are not doing what the people elected them to do.

      1. 10-4—-ANYONE WASTING TIME WATCHING NEWS–needs to realize they are being brainwashed with “agenda driven” propaganda.


      1. I agree completely with Frances. I will chip in to take bus loads of people crossing the border illegally and delivery them to all the people in government that wants the border open. Law and order means nothing to these so called government officials. I am so sick an disgusted with news saying “THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT AND CHANGED “ well if they have been charged WHY are they still walking around. They ALL should be locked up. So fed up with our Nation being destroyed, because people that are dumber than dirt, think they are a superior group and should lead our nation. All the hypercritical morons have found ways to embezzle our tax money and get in cahoots with other countries and commit treason BY SELLING OUT THE USA so they can fill their pockets.
        Would be so nice to hear news about our military and their families, what nice things are going on in the USA and how much we appreciate the USA instead of a bunch of jerks playing politics in DC🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Joe Biden needs to be held accountable for all of the ridiculous “executive mandates” he has wrought upon this country and the incredible amount of damage it has caused due to his bungling ineptitude and outright incompetence! Never before has the country been subjected to this level of gross incompetence. He needs to be removed for the good of the country and all of his idiotic mandates reversed!

      1. He CAN and SHOULD be impeached for incompetence – but…as long as the House & Senate are run by liberals – in all “parties” – he won’t be…the Reps and Senators need to hear from ALL of us…they are being incompetent themselves~~~

        1. Sorry … He won’t be impeached. Elections have COSEQUENCES! Articles of Impeachment were presented against Joe Biden on January 22, 2021. Don’t you remember? Wait a minute, how can you remember … Nancy PeLOUSY swept them under the rug, never to be seen or heard from again. Dems do a wonderful job of protecting their own. Unless/until Republicans can win back at least one Chamber of Congress, we are going to be exposed to the wrath of Dictator Joe and his cronies.

    1. Sorry, I don’t think Biden is “inept” – I think he is doing this on purpose – he is “sly like a fox” in the damage he is PURPOSELY causing to the US…I believe because the border states seem to be getting all the immediate problems, the governors of ALL the other states need to send big time money to the border states…if the federal won’t do it, individual states need to!!! FOR ALL OUR SAFETY…THE MONEY NEEDS TO BE DESIGNATED FOR BORDER CONTROL ONLY…

  3. It is about GOSH DERN TIME thanks Gov. Abbott
    Lets see if any other have some wavos, since you paved the way for them, WE WILL BE WATCHING.. THANKS AGAIN.

    1. Amen! A man of principles. A man who cares about the citizens of the USA and the State of Texas.

  4. Biden and his gang think they are gods and kings, which makes them above the law. They all need to be kicked out of the government, and maybe kicked out of the USA completely.

    1. Hell. Throw them in jail In with the illegals. 20 times the jails capacity. And that’s better than Dems deserve

  5. The Biden administration is a disaster, from his crack head son to his direct disinterest in securing AMERICA, this idiot thinks he has a clue, lol, he’s the biggest mistake in our nations history, Kamal-toe included!
    The sheer ignorance of ALL, the acceptance of deviant behavior and total disregard for the UNITED STATES!!, EVERYTHING, about this country has become absurd!!

  6. Good for Abbott! At least he is in a state standing up for his people! Biden should be impeached for the treasonous things he has done to America!

    1. Just like Nixon, the people should send him on his way and that is out of the House and back to were he wants to be…… In Hell

  7. I would love nothing more than to see the worst administration we ever had say adios

  8. Why don’t the state of Texas pull all of it’s National Guard from the Capital thats protecting the very punks that are tearing apart our country and use them to protect the board. And have them drive the illegal’s they catch to the boarder and let them go there. Make up your own rule of law if it cost more then have your state divert federal taxes paid in to the state of Texas. Since the president can make their own law why can’t a Govender do that?

  9. Gov Abbott just ask for a trillion dollars and put up at Texas wall with lot of security!!!!
    Migrant-Biden President of Central America can move to a senility home with fake Dr.Jill south of the border!( CALLED SENILE DEPORTATION!)

  10. Biden needs to be kicked out of being president. He has not done ONE SINGLE thing to help OUR great country. He is not trustworthy, trashy, lier, disgrace, dumb, uncaring, unknowing. A descent person will help our great United States of America.

    1. Wanda, I am not defending pervert joe but his handler is doing the dirty work behind the scenes to make it look like pervert joe is making these decisions but you can bet your bottom dollar it is obama!! pervert joe is mentally incapable to make decisions, he belongs in a mental institution NOW!! But then again I think a firing squad will do the trick to clean out the the scumbags trying to destroy our country. Line ’em up…pervert joe, camel-toe, piglosi, schiff for brains, scummer, maxine, and the rest of their ilk…all for treason!!! Then throw them in the septic tanks to rot with the rest of the crap!!

  11. All the border state governors should close their border, put the national guard there to help border patrol and send ALL illegals back, empty the detention centers, deport everyone, with the understanding if they return and try to enter, dire consequences will ensue. Since our own government won’t protect our country, the states’ governors Will have to. Then sue Biden and Harris for breaking the law. The residents of the border states will back their governors. Other than probably commiefornia.

    1. I agree with putting the Guard at the border. Line them up with guns loaded, start low fire to scare them, if it doesn’t work then drop a few and I’ll bet money it will stop and turn them around. Very soon illegals will think twice about trying to enter.

  12. There will be mayhem if the illegals are not sent back to S. America!
    This is Biden’s game and he is loving it. He is the worst ever. I cannot
    stand to see his face or listen to him mumble.He must be jailed on
    crimes commited.Third world country here is coming.

  13. Why are all the conservative all wondering about this at this point we all know that the liberals are going to provoke a shooting war, why are we waiting?

  14. You can’t changed their title, I don’t care what you think. When you cross the boarder And there is a means to cross legally which is used by honest people. They truly want to be citizens and not expecting us to pay the bill and truly looking for a job and knows our laws ,can speak English those are the was welcome in. Not the ones who com in any illegal way they can ,can’t speak English , have no skills and wants everything given to them free , those are the illegals , and will remain that until they go back where the came from and come in the legal way. They are no more legal then the drugs now coming in are legal. 😡

  15. Biden is a fake, Harris is a fake, the media is a fake, the democrats are idiots. No wonder Biden’s first 100 days is deemed a huge failure. Yep. We all saw that coming. 2022 will be a real wake up call for those democratic losers.

  16. Put all the illegals on a bus, and send them to Washington DC. They have a fence around the capital. This was something the Democrats wanted, so let them have them.

    1. What would be better is load them packed in the cargo hold of a C-130 military plane or larger . Head south over the Gulf of Mexico from a south central state and halfway there Go to about 20 feet above the water then go into a steep climb , open rear doors at about a thousand feet emptying the trash in the cargo hold , problem solved and televise on the TV stations , radio and internet about actions that will be taken with videos . Any illegals who complain should be dropped over their original countries at 3,000 feet . That should stop a lots of illegals . They are illegals and do not deserve legal actions .

  17. All the Border States should shut the illegals out. No more period!
    For those that are still here they should be returned to the other side of the Border to go back to were they came.
    Biden has broken the law and should be imprisoned. He is not King Biden to do whatever he wants to do. This is just a start of his criminal behavior. Then we go after The rest of the idiots.

  18. Biden is just a puppet for the radical lefties in congress and the wealthy business people pumping money into their pockets. They pull the strings, the lefties spend like crazy and Biden dances, until he falls down of course. Everyone else denies responsibility (Harris, Pelousy,…..) and plays dumb. We have such a lovely bunch of coconuts running the country.

  19. CHARGE HIM WITH TREASON !!!!!Bring in the Military and stop all this communism before it’s to late for OUR COUNTRY !!!!

    1. Absolutely agree I thought Texas had a clause which gave them the right to with draw from the United States do whatever is necessary!

  20. WHY WOULD ANYONE WATCH JOE BIDEN? Communist China has owned Joe and Hunter Biden since 2013! That is when they placed Hunter Biden on the board of BHR. Tony Bobulinski testified that Hunter Biden utilized Joe Biden’s position as vice president to leverage business deals with China and others, Joe Biden was receiving a percentage from all agreements! The whole Biden family must be subpoenaed, “Underoath” to testify about the Biden’s family’s business corruption with China and others! We The People deserve a special counsel to be appointed to investigate the Biden family’s corrupt business deals with China and all others. Biden’s corruption should be front page news!

  21. Very misleading headline. As much as I would enjoy seeing Biden, his entire administration, Pelosi, Waters, AOC, and the rest of the cackling hyenas charged, tried and convicted of the numerous crimes they’ve committed and continue to commit, after everything is said and done, all I’m reading is one politician accusing another politician. My question is which politician has the balls to do what’s right for the people?.

  22. I agree that Border states must take back our borders!! How is the big question??
    Biden will just withhold funds from Texas and other states!!

  23. I didn’t call anybody any foul names or say they should be shot for there unlawful actions. So where is my post ?

  24. I didn’t call them sock cuckers . I could have called them ( the democrats ) a host of appropriate names but i was nice. I just had a few suggestions i thought might give them a better and different view

  25. JUST STOP AND THINK ! ! ! ! ! The Democrats are completely destroying America . . . . Do they ever not realize that they will continue to live in the very country that they are destroying ? The very country that Americans have sacrificed so much to build it up to be one of the greatest in the world ! And now they are destroying everything that the Americans have always stood for ! I wonder if these ´rebelsˋever stop to realize what they will have to live with, if they take control of our country ? ? ?

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