Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Smuggling More Than 100 Undocumented Immigrants

A Texas man that had been caught with 119 undocumented immigrants in his truck in January has finally pleaded guilty.

On January 212, 2021, Keith Rhodes approached a checkpoint in Freer, TX.

When authorities opened his trailer, they found 119 immigrants in the back of the refrigerated trailer.

Rhodes, at the time, claimed he knew nothing about it and was only hired to haul lettuce.

Authorities were not buying his story, however, as Rhodes was reportedly extremely nervous as well as having a suspect bill of lading.

They also noticed the internal temperature of the trailer was actually 68-degrees, even though the thermostat was set to 30-degrees.

When they opened up the trailer, they found 119 illegals hoping to get across the border.

Rhodes, a Houston, TX, native, has now copped to smuggling the immigrants into the country,

Upon sentencing, Rhodes could spend up to a decade in jail as well as having to pay a fine of up to $250,000.

Source: Fox News

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4 Responses

  1. WAKE UP, America! The “price of freedom” is ETERNAL VIGILANCE! If we treasure our life in this nation we MUST defend it from every angle and PRAY for God’s wisdom.

  2. JUST SHOOT THE M-Fer !!! He’s the scum of the earth, making money on the poor, underprivileged ILLEGALS !!!!

  3. How many more like him haul illegals around?
    How much is he paid?
    By hour, day, body?
    X say 100 for such runs.

  4. If the the illegals are so poor and in need , where dose the money that they pay the smugglers come from . Thousands of dollars each , if I had a thousand dollars , I would put it to better use , improving my country instead of leaving it .

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