This Gov’t Has Been Buying Americans’ Private Data – Did You Know This?

There’s a branch of the American government that just got caught doing something it shouldn’t.

The Department of Homeland Security.

The DHS apparently worked with four different private groups to censor massive amounts of social media posts during the 2020 election cycle.

As a reward for these private groups telling the DHS which people and posts to censor, the DHS rewarded them with millions of federal dollars straight from Joe Biden’s team.

It wasn’t just the DHS that was censoring posts they didn’t want out there before the 2020 election, the Democratic National Committee was in on the action as well.

The First Amendment prohibits censoring free speech in America, which is what many feel this is a perfect example of.

If I’m not allowed to say something because the federal government doesn’t want people to hear it, that’s a problem.

It’s my right to say it.

If I’m wrong, time will tell. NOT my government.

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