Liberals Go Berserk Over Tim Allen’s Biden Joke

The entire left had a meltdown over a one-liner posted by actor/comedian Tim Allen.

It was a harmless joke, but the liberal horde took exception to poking fun at their cult leader.

So, once again, they resorted to fascist tactics to silence the opposition.


My new goal is to remove the “right-wing movement” from the definition of fascist.

The heart of the definition is silencing opposition, which is what today’s left is trying to do to anyone that does not drink their Kool-Aid.

This was Tim Allen’s joke…

Nothing crazy, right? Yet these are some of the responses that came after the post…

The idea is to paint him as a radical so his voice gets silenced.

That, by definition, is a fascist tactic.

Allen’s conservative voice has cost him already, having been taken off the “Toy Story” spinoff “Lightyear.”

The movie, by the way, was a complete flop.

Disney has since decided that when it comes to money, maybe Allen is not such a bad person, signing him up for another project, “The Santa Claus” sequel.

I don’t understand why the left gets so violent and bent out of shape over a joke.

Maybe because the joke was true? Could that be it?

Source: Breitbart

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