Tollbooth Records Destroy Dem Committee Claim

At least one claim Democrats have been making about the January 6 events has been debunked.

Claims were made that former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik was coordinating with Trump advisers to overturn the election.

The problem… toll records show that Kerik was nowhere near the meeting when it took place.

One Down…

It was alleged that Kerik had taken part in a meeting at the Willard Hotel in D.C. on January 5, 2021.

The subject of the meeting was allegedly on a strategy to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Kerik, however, was nowhere near the meeting, as Democrats had alleged.

Tollbooth records indicate that Kerik was out of town on the evening of January 4, some 300 miles away, not returning until January 6.

The subpoena for Kerik was apparently inspired by a passage from Bob Woodward’s new book, much of the contents of which have already been debated as a stretch of the truth.

Woodward and co-author Robert Costa, on the subpoena, stated, “The subpoena for Mr. Kerik references page 234 of our book, ‘Peril.'”

“That page, however, does not mention Mr. Kerik in any way.

“In fact, he is not mentioned anywhere in our book.”

However, the book does make note of several other Trump advisers that were active and inactive at the time, had met, many of whom have also been subpoenaed.

Kerik had no problem calling out the commission for its faulty investigative work before issuing the subpoena.

He stated, “The United States Congress puts out a press release and says that I’m going to be investigated, and I’m being subpoenaed, based on a meeting that I attended on Jan. 5 with Steve Bannon, Mayor Giuliani and Dr. Eastman and maybe some other people.

“Honestly, I wasn’t at any meetings on Jan 5.

“I was not at a meeting on Jan. 5. [Bennie Thompson] made a false statement.”

This is a significant blow to Pelosi’s commission, but it will not deter them.

They are on a mission to figure out a way to link Trump to the planning of the riot and my guess is they will not stop trying, proof or not, until Dems are stripped of their power.

If they cannot prove it, they will use conjecture to make their case… that we can count on.

Source: Just the News

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6 Responses

  1. If anyone was responsible for Jan 6, it was Nancy who then tried to blame President Trump. That’s what they always do. They should be careful what they wish for. But then again they know they won’t ever be held accountable because they have the dirt on everyone and thus resort to blackmail so they won’t be exposed.

  2. so when do we see an investigation into the real instigators of the jan6th . pelosi and her secret agency did it to take down trump.

  3. Pelosi orchestrated Jan 6th to turn attention from the steal and it worked. Never underestimate the
    Democrats, they cheat and lie constantly.

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