Top Aide for Democrat Governor Caught Breaking Travel Mandate

In the latest episode of “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me,” we have a top aide for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 

Michigan is going through yet another surge despite being in a virtual lockdown state for more than a year.  

With the latest surge, Governor Whitmer issued an order to caution against any type of travel. 

Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s Chief Operations Officer, however, decided the rule did not apply to her.  

According to reports, Foster has been soaking up the sun in Siesta Key, FL.  

This became known because Foster posted some vacation photos on social media, but soon thereafter deleted them when Breitbart picked up on them.  

Of course, when the story went viral, Whitmer spokesperson Bobby Leddy stated, “This is a partisan attack from a garbage white nationalist website.” 

Leddy went on to say that Foster has fully recovered from her bout with COVID and is now “fully vaccinated.” 

So, hold on for a second… are they saying that if you have recovered from COVID and/or are fully vaccinated, you can now travel, because I am fairly sure that is not what Dr. Fauci said.  

When you also take into consideration that Dems have been blasting Florida for all the spring break travelers and that is exactly where her aide went, well, you can see how all this just drips of hypocrisy 

Source: American Digest 

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9 Responses

  1. What would they have done if she were a Republican? ———– democrats would be raising HELL for a month —

  2. All the Democrats do is lie, cheat, and steal(elections); and, if they get caught, they blame it on the Republicans, and it’s no big deal. But, if a Republican does anything, it’s his and Trump’s fault. Lies and propaganda is their game, and they tell it over and over till somebody believes it.

  3. Check the latest videos of CNN admitting that they helped “keep Trump from being re-elected” and that now they were working on Matt Gaetz. If someone don’t get on this and stop this soon this good young hardworking Congressman will be destroyed then it will be another Republican they will go after unless it’s stopped no telling how many lives they could destroy along with the Republican party. Then the democrats will have full rein to continue destroying this great country.

  4. We all know that there’s 2 sides to everything. There is a Democrat side and a Republican side and if your a Democrat everything you say is truth in gospel and if you’re Republican you are a liar racist or some other silly nonsense.

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