Top Biden Official Violated STOCK Act 9 Times

So, if I told you a top Biden cabinet member violated the law nine times, would you be surprised?

If I told you that same person was trying to shift the blame to something utterly ridiculous, would you be surprised?

Well, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm did just that.

Not My Fault

If we have learned anything from this administration, it is that it is never their fault.

According to reports, Granholm violated the STOCK Act nine times last year.

Granholm says it was not her fault.

Nothing to see here… just a clerical error.

Her spokeswoman, after the report surfaced, stated, “This was an inadvertent clerical oversight on reporting stock sales that ethics officials previously determined did not pose a conflict in her role as Energy Secretary and the Secretary paid the late filing fee.”

Rules for thee, not for me.

That is what everyone in this administration and Democrat leadership lives by right now.

If this were a GOP administration, there would already be calls for a resignation.

But what do we hear… listen very closely… crickets.

Do you think Granholm should be forced to resign?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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26 Responses

  1. I think she should have the same rules applied to her as they are applied to a Republican. Therefore, she should resign. There can’t be two sets of rules. One for the Democrats, one for the Republicans.

  2. Definitely should be fired. She should pay the fine and be prosecuted for breaking the law.
    If she is suppose to be intelligent enough to sit in a cabinet position but is so blonde and dizzy that it was an oversight. Bull.

  3. All of them from Jo to PO are thief’s!! Everywhere You look at a Dem there is nothing but laws being broken and no one does anything!!! A semi peaceful protest happens and a window gets broke at D.C and the world comes to an end.EXCEPT for the BLM leader here in SLC Ut. that helped shoot a father trying to drive his family home in Provo utah!! Yup He was just fine being there and WHY was He not in jail to begin with???

  4. When Dems are in power Dems can do no wrong. Just ask the Dems. Of course, she should be forced to resign, but…c’mon, man! We have to wait until after November to hammer these criminals into a bloody pulp.

  5. 40 yrs in prison, hard labor. Seizure of all properties and she repays all earnings BACK TO THE CITIZENS AT 50X WHAT SHE MADE.
    And “if” she gets out, she is banned from playing any lotteries, all stocks, no public service. Since she can’t be trusted.

  6. The entire dem administration, their Congress members, lawyers, and all other Commie traitors need to resign, now, immediately. Get the hell out of DC, and take those damn Rinos with you.
    It’s time to take out the garbage. Past time.

  7. We must win overwhelmingly in the midterms and then when the g o p has control a both House and Senate then impeach

  8. Lock her up just like any other criminal.take all profits fine about 25 percent of the investment. It should happen to all of them why should they be above the law.

  9. So tired of the two tiered justice system. Democrats can break any laws they want and get away with it. This is not the way its supposed to work. We see it every day and are sick of it. But democrats are losing votes faster than they can break the law.

  10. Public servants work FOR us NOT AGAINST us!!
    Granholm has blatantly stuck up her nose at the law, she MUST NOT be allowed to continue.
    No more “rules for thee but not for me”.

  11. likely story, ”gee whiz I stole that car with the body of the dead hooker in the trunk” ”it must be a clerical error.”

  12. Granholm should definitely resign/be impeached from her federal post. She is just one in a long line of HIPOCRITES and should not be on the taxpayer payroll. Pelosi is another one who should be impeached; insider stock trading is illegal. Why do U.S. citizens have to put up with this standard of conduct?

  13. Come on what the F$$K their has been absolutely no accountability for all of the demoncrates more so for this Fraudulent administration,no ethics hearings every single Demoncrate has violated some law every day they think they are bullet proof just wait until the republicans become in charge it’s just a shame Democratics are not for the rule of law or for respecting the CONSTITUTION OF THE United States I think the Democratic party needs to be ABOLISHED and another party put in it’s place. SO MUCH DAMAGE

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