Top Democrats Have Mask Removed In Front Of Whole Nation – Hahaha

Top Democrats have a secret that we’ve known for a while but they’ve continued to deny.

Now, we have proof.

They’re hypocrites AND racists.

They SAY they don’t have a problem with illegal immigrants, so why don’t them want them being bused to liberal cities like Washington, D.C.?

And why aren’t they allowing the people from other countries to take up residence in Martha’s Vineyard?

Because they don’t practice what they preach.

Top Democrats don’t ACTUALLY want to help people less fortunate than them.

What they’re doing when they’re saying that is trying to do whatever it takes to get elected.

Who cares what they say now, America keeps forgetting four years later.

Honestly, we’ve let them get away with this type of behavior for so long, I don’t even really blame them for keeping up the behavior.

Now though, we’ve got the proof they don’t care about us, or anybody else other than themselves.

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