Top DOJ Lawyer Linked to Hunter Biden

The deep ties to the coverup for Hunter Biden have just gone further into the deep state in this country.

Reports are now surfacing that a top official at the Department of Justice has ties to Hunter Biden’s attorney.

Nicholas McQuaid, the acting head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, was a law partner with Chris Clark.

Both worked at the law firm of New York-based firm Latham & Watkins.

Conflict of Interest

So, how can the DOJ possibly be tasked with prosecuting someone when one of the top officials in the department has ties to the defendant’s attorney?

Does anyone seriously believe that information would not be leaked to the defense team in such as case?

It is not helping the situation that the White House and Department of Justice continue to dodge questions on this matter.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) stated, “It’s yet another abject failure of accountability in a long list.

“If Republicans retake a majority in the Senate, the department can expect additional pressure and process from me as chairman [of the Judiciary Committee ] and from my colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“We’d be seeking information from dozens of individuals, and empowered by a committee majority — we’d no longer just be asking.”

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has sent five letters to the DOJ on this subject.

His office stated, “Thus far DOJ refuses to provide responses to Sen. Johnson’s questions/requests.”

The only response the media has received on this front was that McQuaid signed Biden’s “ethics pledge” that stated he agreed to “not for a period of 2 years from the date of my appointment participate in any particular matter involving specific parties that is directly and substantially related to my former employer or former clients, including regulations and contracts.”

Source: New York Post

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17 Responses

  1. Does anyone believe a single word coming from the treasonous mouths of the RATs. They will go to any length to win 2022 and 2024. Even NY wants to allow the ballots of dead people used. My lord hell is going to be so over loaded by RATs and some RINO’s that God will need to create more real estate just to house them.

  2. It should not be who leads the Senate , the law has been broken. The ones who broke the law should be held accountable. So at this point the DOJ is corrupt, Hunter Biden is Corrupt and The President of the United States is Corrupt (Joe Biden) . This is what is destroying America . Democrats need to be removed from office. Voting is coming and i can not vote for a Democrat at this time. They think they are Rulers and can do what ever they want. We have to stop this, it is destroying us.

  3. Joe Biden and his entourage needs to be dropped off at Bagram airport to experience what the people he left behind have been and are going through.

  4. Americans, let’s face reality! Our government is TOTALLY corrupt, starting with hate-filled, angry, senile, old man, lawless, power hungry, top money spender, stupid, ignorant, double standard, BABY MURDERER so -called Catholic Joey (he acts like a 2 yr. old)!!! It continues with the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Harris, Pelosi and her drunk husband, Schumer, AOC and “not a clue” Secretary Pierre followed by most double standard, “not for thee but for me” Democrats! God have mercy on us, we need it!

  5. Yes we have to stop the corruption in Washington its sicking how corrupt the RAT party is. We the people are supposedly sending our Representatives to Washington TO DO WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT AND NEED FROM OUR COUNTRY NOT STEAL OR GET RICH INSIDER TRADING. WE PAY THESE REPRESENTIVES WELL THE CANNOT BE CRIMINALS

  6. Joe Biden is certainly not a practicing Catholic! The affair with Jill before he was married to her is enough! He basic life is to lie! He will lie to you about anything and everything! If it comes out of his mouth it is a LIE! LIes about what all great things he has done for this Country – name one! Put tax on your social security twice and after 50 years that is his legacy to this Country!
    How worthless can a person be – we paid the fool thousands of dollars, and he has done nothing for this Country other than try to turn it to a fourth world country – we are even below a third world country now thanks to Biden and his Crime Family with Hunter at the top of the list! And yes, God help us because he is the only one that can! And remember Hitler people – what he did – Biden is on his way to the same spot

  7. The president should be impeached for not securing our country! He just opened the boarders this is illegal and so unsafe! They are ruining our country, can’t believe in 18 month how horrible his policies have ruined this country!!

  8. I say drain the whole swamp Rats & Rinos alike they are all corrupt & need to go. Stay fresh by electing people who love our country & what it stands for.

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