Rand Paul: Family Receiving Death Threats After Clashes with Fauci

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is now paying for openly calling out Dr. Fauci.

Paul has challenged Fauci from the outset of the pandemic, but more recently, Paul has called for a full investigation into Fauci for lying to the American people.

The Fauci emails proved that he has been less than forthright with the American people and Paul wants to hold him accountable.

Well, the left is losing their mind over this and now they are coming after Paul with everything they have.

During a recent interview, Senator Paul revealed that his family has been getting death threats over his comments.

He stated, “This week, I’ve had five death threats just for being outspoken on it.

“I don’t know what the world’s coming to, you can’t ask honest, difficult questions that in the end have proved out that Dr. Fauci was not being honest with us, but as a repercussion, my family had white powder sent to our house, and five death threats phoned in.”

Paul also recently received a package with a note that read, “I’ll finish what your neighbor started you motherf—er.”

Yet, it is conservatives that are violent and crazy, right?

Source: The Hill

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12 Responses

  1. We pray for this brave man who stands for truth .These evil people should be charged.God bless Rand Paul,his family and We pray for their protection

    1. If he needs a loyal Detail , to watch over him and his family, There are many loyal Republicans, who would come to his aid, Can’t trust the current admin. to help him out.

  2. It’s a sad case when good becomes evil and evil good . When one is attacted for doing the right thing . But look what they did to president Trump. They repeated so often on the news how bad he is that the people who watched that news believed it . Tho I have yet to hear these same people boast of what a great job Biden is doing. Yet they are quick to critize Trump. It is the end of these times . None of the evil people have factored in the second coming of christ. But Satan knows he’s coming . He is working as fast as he can it’s why we are seeing Biden in such a hurry to bring America down. But it will not matter . God made this world in 6 days he can fix it in 1 day. Tho he will take 1000 years . It makes me laugh when I think of Pelosi when God is here . I can picture her and shumer in a room planning God’s take down . We will all laugh last . We will suffer a bit first . But only for a minute compared to eternity with God I’d we are born again and doing the work of Jesus.

  3. If someone makes a threat against one of the nefarious Democrats, the partisan DOJ and FBI are on it with both feet, hunting them down and throwing them in jail. For instance those who attended the Jan. 6 protest at the Capitol. It doesn’t matter if they participated in trying to force their way into the House chambers or not, they have been hunted down and arrested for fabricated charges. You can bet the same thing won’t happen to the left wing thugs threatening Rand Paul, or those responsible for vandalizing Nancy Mace’s house. Folks, there’s only one way to stop this two-tiered justice system that’s trying to destroy and eliminate those who oppose the evil-intentioned Democrats in Washington, and that is to start fighting them, their left wing media, and their terrorist thugs, with a vengeance. If you think what’s happening to people like Rand Paul isn’t a threat to you, think again. If these tactics are not stopped, all conservatives will soon find themselves in a similar position. Time is running out. Start taking measures to defend yourselves and others, now, before it’s too late. We cannot leave it up to everyone to defend themselves. No truer words were ever spoken, than ‘together we stand, divided we fall’. That is what has been happening for the last 5 years. They have been censoring and taking conservatives down, one by one, while other conservatives just sit idly by and complain, but no one tries to organize and take action to stop them.

  4. If he’s a follower of Jesus Christ he has nothing to be afraid of as God will cause the evil plans to backfire and God will protect his people period.

  5. Hang on Senator Rand Paul. We’re praying for you, and God will prevail. At the end, evil will be crushed!!!

    1. Amen to that. I like many are praying for Rand Paul because he is a great spiritual person that also fights against abortion. It’s sad that Republicans are always under attack or threatened if they disagree.

  6. Democrats are not happy for your actions, so physical threated is what they resort too. Blm or antica may be who you are dealing with. Police security may be your best option. Just be careful

  7. rand paul, we support your truthful talk on the liar fauci and we are gonna look at fauci under a microscope. the devil democrats under lying biden are making these threats, so they can protect the chinese govt.

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