Top GOP Lawmaker SHOCKS Media – Congress Stunned…

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, is the lead Republican co-sponsor of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) in the Senate.

There’s just one problem about the fact that John Kennedy is sponsoring the bill.

Even he doesn’t like it.

Two senior congressional aides recently let spill with how Kennedy really feels about the bill:

“Senator Kennedy, who is the lead Republican sponsor of the JCPA, has privately raised questions about the broadness of this legislation, and how it could help Big Media companies, harming conservatives.”

When Kennedy’s office was contacted they would not deny these allegations.

“Sen. Kennedy successfully added protections for conservative and smaller outlets into the JCPA while ensuring that large, mainstream outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post will not benefit,” the aide said. “He continues to work with other conservative co-sponsors of the legislation ahead of markup to expand support for the commonsense, conservative priorities that this bill advances for local, honest journalism.”

The main force behind the corrupt bill so far has been Democrat Amy Klobuchar, who keeps making the bill even more offensive with every revision.

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