Top Sanders Adviser Caught Pushing Misleading Economic Stats

If Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had any integrity, he would be firing one of his top advisers today.

Warren Gunnels is the Staff Director for Sanders’ budget committee.

When people complained about the student loan debt shift, Gunnels decided to put out some numbers to justify the giveaway.

Only the numbers were twisted and completely inaccurate.


This was the tweet sent out by Gunnels…

Even Twitter slapped a warning label on the tweet for being so misleading.

The problem was that Gunnels adjusted the income but did not adjust the other prices for inflation.

Not only did he do that, he then proceeded to block everyone that did not support his misleading information.

For instance, Brian Riedl of the Manhattan Institute, stated, “Bernie Sanders’ top economic policy advisor posts blatantly false financial data, and then block everyone who corrects it.

“That’s bad enough for a random Twitter troll. But for the lead Senate staffer on the Senate Budget Committee, its just shameless, dishonest, hackery.”

Gunnels eventually made a post adjusting all the numbers for inflation, but he never apologized or even hinted that he had done anything misleading in the first place.

Source: The Blaze

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18 Responses

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        2. I call them demo-krauts, because their leader is acting like a dictator with all the (illegal) executive orders he’s issuing !!!

  1. Same ol same ol! They continue to lie, make mistakes and they never own up to it! So glad I taught my kids and now my grand kids have all been taught to never take anything a democrap says for truth ! And whatever they do do not grow up to b like them! So so sad and how humiliating it must b to b one of them!

  2. They’re all sons of Satan and will join him in everlasting flames in the abyss. Obama, the anti-Christ, and Biden, his arch-demon, will be justly punished as well.

  3. A superfluous clown running for Texas Gubernatorial office is Named “Beto” , which the Latinas Hate him for doing. I have a new Political sign I wish he would use.
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