Top Trump Cabinet Member Steps Down

One of the more prominent names in the Trump administration over the last six months has decided to fully step down from his post.

Richard Grenell, who was recently tapped as the Acting Director of National Intelligence, will be stepping down from his previous post as the U.S. Ambassador to Berlin as well.

Sweet Revenge

Grenell’s time as the Acting Director of National Intelligence was filled with controversy.

Grenell, the first openly gay cabinet member in U.S. history, hit the ground running on his new posting, much to the chagrin of Democrats.

When he was initially named to the post, Democrats proceeded with a smear campaign to make the case that he had no qualifications for the position and this was just another bad decision by President Trump.

In February, the New York Times even published an article about how Grenell would “destroy” the intelligence community.

The GOP, however, not only rallied behind Grenell but also celebrated the fact he was the one being named to the position.

After the Ratcliffe nomination was confirmed for the position, Grenell decided to lob one more bomb at Democrats.

On his way out the door, Grenell was highly critical of Democrats for “cherry-picking certain documents for release.”

So, he decided to declassify a slew of documents related to the Russian collusion investigation, leaving it up to Ratcliffe to release them publicly.

Stepping Down

Grenell, while serving as the acting Director, was still holding his position as an Ambassador to Berlin.

On Sunday, it was announced that he will also be stepping down from that position in a few weeks.

Grenell has been serving as the Ambassador since May 2018 as well as being a special envoy for the peace talks between Kosovo and Serbia.

This was apparently arranged with the White House several months ago, but the announcement was never made public.

Trump has been very complimentary of Grenell in both roles, calling him a “superstar,” so this may not yet be the end of his time in this administration.

If Trump wins a second term, it stands to reason that he will find a role for Grenell.

Sources: The Hill, New York Post, &CNN

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