Top Ranking Capitol Police Official Resigns

The number two man in the Capitol Police has decided to step down.

Chad Thomas, the Assistant Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP), turned in his resignation on Monday.

Thomas is the latest in a slew of officers that have resigned since the January 6 riot.

The Fallout

The Senate just released a bipartisan report on the January 6 riot that will have some severe repercussions.

The report looked more at the preparedness than the causes and let’s say it is not flattering for anyone involved in preparedness.

Thomas would have been one of those individuals, but he seems to have cut out before the hammer falls.

The Capitol Police released a formal statement on Monday, saying, “For your awareness, USCP Assistant Chief Chad Thomas is no longer serving as Commander of Uniformed Operations and will be separating from the department.”

According to the Capitol Police union, there have now been more than 70 officers that have resigned since the riot.

Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton also issued a scathing report on the agency.

He called for a fundamental “culture change” in the department, stating that the USCP needed to “move away from the thought process as a traditional Police Department and move to the posture as a Protective Agency.”

Keep in mind, this is something that House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) did NOT want the House commission to look at, and now we know why.

As House Speaker, Capitol security falls under her purview, and she surely does not want the country to know she dropped the ball.

There will surely be more fallout on this front, especially after everyone has had time to digest the full Senate report.

Source: The Hill

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6 Responses

  1. The old hag Pelosi wants everyone to think she is all knowing & perfect so this is a real slap in the face to someone whose ineptitude caused a person to die.

  2. On 1-6: more questions:
    Does CHPD have a Command Post
    Where was the CHPD chief during riots
    Who OKd the Police to Open doors for rioters
    Where was the NG Commander
    Did House or Senate contact rioters IE Schumer, Pelosi pre riot

  3. How long must we, as American Citizens, wait for these ELECTED CRIMINALS to be ARRESTED??? Biden is brain dead, and the VP is an Unqualified Woman, who couldn’t reach higher than a 5% Approval Rate. Whether you supported TRUMP or you didn’t, no one can dispute the Successes that he achieved in 4 years. He was also fighting DC LIFERS, while doing so! BIDEN is President, and the House and Senate, are in a slight Majority of Democrats. Keeping this in mind, WHy is AMERICA NOT moving forward, rather than being Sold Off, piece by piece???? Every Society goes through a Transitional Move, each Century. WHY IS AMERICA IN THE WORST POSITION EVER??? IF WE DON’T WANT TO LOSE OUR FREEDOMS, WE MUST TAKE OUR NATION BACK!!!!

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