Judge Jeanine: Karen Bass Robbery ‘Totally Off Here’

I am starting to wonder if Judge Jeanine Pirro reads our articles.

When the story about the break-in at Rep. Karen Bass’ (D-CA) home surfaced, something did not smell right to me.

Bass had stated that the ONLY thing taken was her guns, which were allegedly in a lock box.

No jewelry, no cash, no belongings… just the guns.

To me, that is pretty fishy, and Judge Jeanine seems to agree.

Doesn’t Smell Right

“The Five” discussed the break-in, and they all seem to agree that something is not right here.

Here is their segment…

Setting up a crime makes no sense, as Bass is crushing Caruso in the LA Mayoral polling right now.

But, she is a Democrat, so you just never know.

As Dana Perino stated, we need to hear more from Bass on this and we need to hear it very soon.

Source: Fox News

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10 Responses

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  3. Comments aren’t being printed and votes are not going thru. Google claims they don’t have anything to do with it.

  4. I said this was a staged incident,midterms are coming up and Democrats don’t look good on the gun confiscation issue.Think about it!Only guns stolen,lol

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