North Carolina Town Manager Fired After Entire Police Force Quits

Kenley, NC, has probably gotten more press in the last month than it has seen in its entire existence.

The buzz about the city started in July when the entire police force and several city clerks resigned.

They all claimed the same thing… new town manager Justine Jones had created a hostile work environment and they could not stay there.


After the entire PD quit, the Kenley City Council started to investigate the claims that had been made.

Jones had been the unanimous pick of the City Council, beating out 30 other candidates for the position.

When the investigation was concluded, they found no evidence of a hostile work environment, but they still did not like what they found, so Jones was terminated.

Kenley Mayor Tooie Hales stated that the council voted 3-2 to relieve Jones of her duties.

Hales stated, “Our decision to terminate the contract is not solely based on the investigation, but there are a lot of other factors, and we have to look for the best way to move forward for the town.”

Let’s start a pool… how long before Jones files a wrongful termination lawsuit against the city?

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

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  2. I can remember when I first read this story. I am so glad that the Town Officials finally realized the mistake that they made bringing her to their town. Ican only wish that they would have followed her track records with her previous employers and asked questions. I can only hope that the Town Officials try and bring back the good people that quit because of this person and learned their lesson when hiring a Town Manager and giving this person so much authority.

  3. Someone needs to investigate, why exactly, the town council hired her in the first place. Was their decision based on race, gender, or gender orientation, political bias??? Who are the people on the council? Investigate other decisions they’ve made and determine what those were based on. Maybe they’ve just been lucky, so far, that other decisions haven’t ended as badly as this one.

  4. There are two sides to every story. If the city council ignored the negatives of their new city manager and the fact that she was filing a lawsuit against her former employer at the time they hired her, they get what they deserve: another lawsuit. A lot of “social justice” experiments are doing face plants because sound management principals were ignored and labeled as ‘racist”.

  5. My God folks…’s always been…vetting and qualifications right. (meaning a deep investigation into one’s past performance ) secondly – qualifications. Race or skin color has nothing to do with it. Geeeze … ! How hard can that be.

  6. AGREED ! CONSEQUENCES are necessary elements in all life’s interactions, especially in confrontational concerns !

  7. Woke and progressive ideology has been destroying our country. It’s been dividing neighbors and friends. It causes and promotes hate. For a town mgr to bring that hateful ideology into a small town I can only imagine how quickly the hate spread pitting neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend. I think this was the stress that caused these people to resign. I think the city council did the right thing by letting this woman go and have learned to stay away from hiring anyone with woke and progressive ideology in the future. I, too, think she will file a law suit bc that’s what people like her do. Please rehire all these people and let them help in the selection of the new town mgr since they will all have to work together. I think that will improve how smoothly Kenley is run.

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