Mehmet Oz Trailing Fetterman by Double Digits

A Franklin & Marshall College survey did not have very good news for the struggling Mehmet Oz.

Oz is currently trailing Fetterman 43-30.

While this is the worst of the bunch, regardless of the poll, Oz is down handily.

Just a Bad Candidate

I still have no idea why Trump backed this clown.

Oz is a former screaming liberal and a medical scam artist, tied to more bad diet and health products than I can count.

Everything he does falls apart, including his little crudité video that Fetterman one-upped him on.

The fact that Fetterman is an uber-progressive and has this kind of lead in a blue-collar state, well, that shows you how bad of a candidate Oz is.

I think it is time we write this race off and concentrate on Vance and Walker as our best bets to offset this loss.

Vance is currently leading in a tight race and while Walker is trailing in Georgia, he is still within striking distance.

Additionally, Senator Warnock (D-GA) is staring down the barrel at some serious allegations that could turn this race around.

I like Walker, I just don’t think he is polished enough or getting very good advice, but that can be turned around rather quickly.

At least he is still alive, whereas Oz seems to be a floater waiting to be picked up and discarded.

Source: Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. I don’t care for Fetterman or OZ but Pa. has been under Democrats and it hasn’t been that great. I do like Vance for Ohio.

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    2. I think part of the problem when it comes to Dr.Oz is that as soon as he got the nomination he dumped Trump. I remember reading about it, that old saying “you don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and in this case “endorsed you”, after that I had no use for him. I have a feeling others felt the same way….

      1. Sandy,
        I think you are right. I don’t understand why Sean Hannity convinced Trump to back Oz. I never did like him because I thought he was a hucksters but when Commander endorsed him I thought I must have misjudged him. Then when he won the primary and started to distance himself from Trump I was pissed. Then I found out Hannity convinced him. I like Hannity too so I don’t understand why Sean would back that guy. Right now I can only hope he somehow wins and plays ball because one thing I can’t stand are back stabbers which seems to be more common now days. I’m like Trump I don’t get mad but I get even. Oz better not turn out to be a slime.

  2. How can the people of PA be that stupid/uneducated to support Fetterman. The man was a far left, further than Sanders, radical before this now he’s has a stroke has trouble communicating. Why would people want to add another mentally challenged person in control of our country. It’s scary that dementia could be the rule of the day, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein that I can remember could have Fetterman, we shouldn’t have anyone in office cognitively challenged. Time for ALL representatives to get cognitive testing.

  3. Democrats need to go in ALL Swing States. IF they get the upper hand again there is no way out for America. Welcome to the Union of Communist States.

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