Trey Gowdy: America is Straying from Its Virtues

We can always depend on former congressman Trey Gowdy to drop a truth bomb when needed.

This week, he dropped a big one and it hit a lot of people.

From everyday citizens to politicians to the media, Gowdy hammered all of them for straying away from virtues this country has held dear since its founding.

What Is Happening?

Privacy used to be something people respected, but social media changed everything.

Now, everyone wants that one video that gets them a bunch of shares, even at the cost of someone’s private moments, such as going to the bathroom.

Senator Sinema (D-AZ) was followed by “protesters” into the bathroom, with other women present as well, to discuss her stand on legislation.

A journalist railed against a gold star family for not wearing masks on a tour within days of losing their loved one.

These are but a few of the atrocities that we see these days that, sadly, happen on an almost daily basis.

When it comes to our politicians, there is more corruption and hubris than there is integrity.

Gowdy breaks it all down in the video below, holding them all accountable for their actions…

What do you think? Is Gowdy right?

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. The man is fully correct !! Its obvious the Republican elected officials have become too nice. . .willing to complain about what the Democrats do with their dirty plans. Even wen everyone agrees at these actions the Reps wont take actions to stop them IF TH3 ACTION WOULD REQUIRE ACTION AS SEVERE TO STOP THE BAD ACTS AS THE DEMS ARE WILLING TO DO TO INVOKE THE BAD ACTIONS. Time to “LOCK & LOAD”

  2. Hatred is rampant and it is the favorite tool of Satan. He is winning the war. People have lost all their decent behavior, which was a hallmark of America. Satan may be winning right now, but we know that in the end it will be God who wins and all of the followers of Satan (all those that choose to hate) will be sent to the never ending flames of fire.

  3. Congressman Gowdy is absolutely correct. The brainwashing began long ago though. We were too naive to realize what was taking place; we are no longer naive and realize our beautiful America could become another Venezuela because of a stolen election by a group of prevaricators! WE CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…be sure and vote next year for those who follow God and our Constitution.

  4. This country is so full of hatred and evil and believe it or not, it’s all coming from the low life Liberals who are allowing Satan to control them.

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