Tom Brady Trolls Trump at White House Reception

Tom Brady has officially caved to the woke culture running rampant in this country.

Brady had no problem taking a few cheap shots at Trump and his supporters during the reception for the Tampa Bay Bucs at the White House on Tuesday.

Perhaps Brady forgot that Florida is a red state packed with Trump supporters as well as the fact Trump supported him when his world was falling apart over Deflategate.

Brady Betrayal

There was a time when I believe both Tom Brady and Donald Trump considered each other friends.

That friendship, at least for the most part, flew under the radar until Trump openly defended Brady during the Deflategate scandal.

Then, after Trump announced his candidacy, a MAGA hat was seen in Brady’s locker, and liberals lost their minds.

Brady was an inch away from being canceled, then he eventually tried to distance himself from Trump.

Yesterday, Brady went all the way to the left, blasting Trump as well as his supporters standing outside the White House…

The moment those words came out of Brady’s mouth, liberals fell back in love with the man they were accusing of being a racist not two years ago.

That narrative started when Brady did not go to the White House after the Patriots won the Super Bowl and Obama was president.

Brady not only took a shot at Trump, though, but he also probably just alienated about 70 million Trump supporters with his little crack.

I hope those few laughs were worth it, Tom.

Sources: Breitbart, Daily Caller, & Washington Examiner

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29 Responses

      1. He did deflated not only pigskin , but he deflated himself, by being twofaced moron! Shame on him! We are not watching sports. Only Hockey, Tennis and Formula I !! No respect for loosers, who do this …

  1. Brady is a —hole for getting punked if he’s a true TRUMP supporter. No sports figure get any attention in our household unless they are unpaid.

    1. I agree haven’t watched any football, Basketball, or baseball in past two years. Unless I was somewhere it was on already ( family ).

  2. You can NEVER trust an overpaid athlete who loves to be a Commie Lefty now after a Commie Lefty Regime forced their way in to the White House! President Trump has had so many of those fake friend Benedict Arnolds he is probably used to it! Sure hope he remembers Traitor Brady in the future!!

  3. Who is surprised? Tom cheated at football, was he the originator of the deflated football? If not the
    originator, he really picked up on it quickly. How many years did that go on? His entire career?

    Asking for a friend!

  4. When will the left let go of the TDS. Enough is enough. We are all tired of the lies and woke citizens.
    Woke to what?

  5. Brady another Labron James the 2 most hated sports figures another liberal snow flake. TRUMP supporters used to pay alot of your salarys not no more Tom just turned over 75 MILLION American people & Alot of our GREAT MILITARY AGAINST YOU TRAITOR.

  6. These traitors don’t last in the long haul,they will all dissappear when Trump takes back the White House! Then we will see how the Demonrats jump ship,like Rats! MAGA 2020 & BEYOND

  7. Shame Shame Pretty Boy will go down this year. “Can’t Fix Stupid” He just lost his fan base big time. Maybe it’s time to investigate the supplements he uses to stay healthy.

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