Trump Allies Caught on Video at Election HQ During Breach

Did Trump allies cause the breach that exposed the personal data of roughly seven million Georgia voters?

That is the narrative now being pushed by Democrats.

This is happening because of video evidence presented in a suit over the breach.

On Video

When Coffee County Republican Party Cathy Latham testified, she stated she was barely in the area where the breach occurred.

She stated that she was only popped by the area briefly.

The video footage tells a different story.

Forensic experts were called in to examine the election machines, and Latham is on video spending hours in the area.

She even posed for a selfie with one of the techs.

The problem is that the breach occurred while all this was happening.

Her attorney says she did nothing wrong, stating, “Failing to accurately remember the details of events from almost two years ago is not lying.”

I am not sure how Democrats will use this against Trump, but you know they will.

Stay tuned…

Source: Washington Examiner

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