Trump Attorney Opens Up on Trump Leaked Documents

Alina Habba, one of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys, was not happy with the leaks coming from the DOJ.

This is pretty much what we expected when the government got Trump’s records, but it is still very unprofessional.

Habba called the conduct “incredibly disturbing.”


Habba, on the leaks, stated, “This is incredibly disturbing to me in terms of leaks coming from the Justice Department.”

She continued her attack, stating, “when you have to defend yourself [as the DOJ is currently doing], stories come out. … And I think that’s exactly what they are, just stories.”

She then went after the media for their storytelling of the raid, calling it “inconsistent, outrageous, and all over the map.”

The final shot from Habba was in how ignorant of all this Joe Biden was acting when he clearly knew what was going on.

Habba claims the review of the DOJ documentation on the raid shows that Biden not only knew about the raid several months ago, but he also had to approve it.

Regardless of how the special master appointment works out, she believes this to be a win for Trump’s team because, for the time being, the entire investigation has come to a screeching halt.

She stated, “What people need to remember is that this ruling is an injunction, so at this moment everything has stopped in terms of any investigation they might be having, which is a very big win for the Trump team.”

What she did not say is that this will also allow everyone to catch their breath and hopefully dial down the rhetoric just a bit.

Source: Newsmax

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39 Responses

  1. The American People no longer have any trust in the DOJ or all the Depts., News Media etc, that are controlled by the Evil Dictator.

    1. And his handlers, Biden has no brain, all he does is act the puppet. Obummer, and his communist mob are the ones running Joey boy.

      1. Overweight, wigless racist has Mrs Obama drooling to be back in the WH again. Of course, Barack is probably pulling the strings on the puppet Pres and they figure they will win, However, they are forgetting the American people are fed up with being manipulated. abused and lied to. They should have left DC like every other pres after leaving office but they had a different agenda

  2. The left will fabricate and lie about anything to keep Trump from running for POTUS in 2024 in order to keep their heads from rolling!

    1. Yes they will, just like they did in the 2016 election. Pelosi on tv said that they “would do whatever it takes”. Well, the democrates have already proved that is certainly true as they have done that from day 1 when President Trump and Melania rode down the escalator.

  3. It’s disgusting what the communist DOJ is doing to the Trump family. SEVEN years of torture. The little 4 eyed gestapo twit is shredding the Constitution. Is he going to execute 74 million of us or just declare one party rule and then execute us.

  4. Democrats can’t win the election due to their policies so they just go after their opponents with fabricated charges. Democrats talk about Republicans being a threat to democracy when they are the ones that destroyed freedom of speech.

    1. Denise, That is so VERY CORRECT!!!!! They are liars ,Thief’s, Horrible People!!!!! THEY WILL PAY FOR ALL OF THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD DOES NOT FOR GET!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. yes, You’re right it is time for a revolution to awaken the demons and destroy Satan himself, time to get America back and remove all the communist in this country’s and all the Muslims! We need to get back what we once had, and all the refugees signed a contract stating when their country is de-cleared not in any war they will all go back home to their place of residence, so why are we allowing these people from Afghanistan to continue to stay in America we are out of there and the war is over, we do not care who or how they took over the country a contract is a contract, get them out of America NOW!

  5. DemocRats are the problem. Whatever they claim that someone else is doing is exactly what they are doing! This dictator and his minions have to go!

    1. AMEN!!!!DEBRA !!! WE AGREE 1,000%!!! HORRIBLE PEOPLE ON THE LEFT!!!!!!! UNITED WE STAND!!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. First of all, I doubt that this break in the action will cause the left to dial back on the rhetoric, since they’re just too unhinged for that. But I hope that these new rules will allow people to see just how predatory these government entities can get when left unchecked or coerced by an administration.

  7. Only the demorats trust the govt. at this point. As they basically work for them now. Too bad we are judged by the left or right side of govt. At least a good flush of the swamp would be good for all the country. Term limits would get rid of the ones that think being in the govt. Is just to get rich. We the people are doomed for 2 more years…..

  8. In my humble opinion the reason the Dems hate Trump so much is the fact that is has a brain and knows how to use it; he is not a hard-line type and will listen to anyone; has not been on the government payroll for years unlike some one we know that has been on for over 50 years; he is a great businessman and he does not need your money; his children all well-educated and polite; he states what he thinks and what he is going to do and then does it; he is not a liar unlike someone we know; he loves his Country and the American people; he is not out to kill us with his jabs/vax; don’t see him wanting to take out most of the populations of the world and only leave 5 mil people on the planet unlike Bill Gates; he has a clear head;
    yes he thinks outside the box and that is a good thing. And best of all he in a firm believer in God and no he does not at times show it but he really is. He is not Biden that goes around telling he is a Christian/Catholic which he is not!


  9. It’s hard to believe That anyone could say the things that Biden says in public that make him seem mentally sick. I’m wondering if his handlers/ higher-ups in the shadow government have the “goods” on Biden such that he thinks he has no choice but to do and say what they dictate. Politics can be dangerous – the higher you climb up the tree the more obvious a potential target you become. Too many operatives (Kennedy, Forrestal, Vince Foster just to name a few) in our government and military institutions seem to have paid the ultimate price.

  10. The only reason any of this going on is the blatant attempt to keep trump off of the ballot. The biden doj, fbi, biden, his family and every member of this administration are treasonous criminals.

  11. Bubble Brained Biden , declared war on the citizens of the United States of America. And Congress is sitting on their a$$es
    doing nothing. OoYes , they make little or no speaches as indicated on the democratic side of the isle. But nothing as far as censuring Biden or firing him. The Congress has failed the USA in a time when Lady Liderty needs them the most. A disgrace to the entire democracy of this great nation. Shame will haunt the No Action congress through out history. With high Hope’s of new blood in congress this coming election the salvation of this nation might be sustained….Amen

  12. Get out and vote!!! You can write in Trump, you don’t have to only vote for one person out of the designated three or four! If enough people did it at the next Presidential election it could upset the entire apple cart. But remember, a lot of people need to come together on this, if lots of people wrote in a different candidate it would be as though their vote was null and void and make no changes. Voting is serious business, the POTUS is supposed to be our leader and really want to bless and make America great again. We each have to live with our decision four years.

  13. Our FBI has turned into BRANDONS SS agents! They really think that someone believes the BS. After the FBI running cover for the CORRUPT BIDEN crime family. They are attempting to frame Trump AGAIN! After the fake Frame job with the RUSSIA collusion, the UKRAINE Quid pro que (funny Brandon admitted that he did ON NATIONAL TV) , the Muller investigation, framing Carter Page, the cover up of Hunter , Joe and entire family, if they want to investigate something how about the ABSOLUTE proof Joe the BIG GUY is Corrupt and compromised by CHINA . This man couldn’t tell the truth if it would work better! No Evidence of Election fraud? What about the truck driver the open the doors on his semi to find it FULL of Illegal ballots for GUESS WHO! Took his truck back to the yard reported it to management only to be interrogated by who else? The FBI! Who told the Patriot driver they could not protect him and maybe he should forget what he saw! Then his truck and trailer mysteriously disappeared from the yard! What about RAY EPPS and other FBI / SS AGENTS of the illegitimate president trying to get people to enter the capital? SAME STORY DIFFERENT DAY! This is all these EVIL liars do is FRAME their opponents the investigate them! You don’t have to Frame Joe I would bet between the laptop and what you could find in his house a first year Laywer could destroy him. Why does nothing ever happen to these corrupt Criminals? What about the FBI whistle blowers ? They won’t even take their statements. Remember when IRS agents use to carry briefcases and calculators? Now they are ARMED and MUST be willing to use DEADLY FORCE! This is how they want to FUND the POLICE? By recruiting their own FORCE? You would have to be the absolute most gullible person on planet earth is you TRUST or BELIEVE anything these LIERS say! VOTE THESE SATIN worshiping turds OUT!


  14. We cannot be absolutely sure about anything coming from our government any more as evidence of corruption has taken front page. We can however be sure the Democrats have been after Trump from day one trying all kinds of schemes to get some kind of evidence against him and have been caught in the act of lying in order to get legal papers against him and at the same time ignoring wrongdoing by our president he admitted himself also covering up possible criminal activity by both father and son. What we have today is a government of hatred and revenge instead of one representative of the people. Just wonder what our country would be like had those in authority supported Trump instead of fighting him starting on day one and seemingly unending. We are in a position where only God can help us now.

  15. Think about it ,the people who are supporting O Biden are desperate , they have been living off the dole for so long that they couldn’t make it on their own, so they support whatever the Democrats drag up , they are desperate and hostile , trying to avoid having to support themselves on their own merits, it’s SICK!!

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