Trump Attorneys: No Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago

A report broke this weekend that is going to be a big problem for Trump or the FBI and DOJ.

Trump attorneys certified via a letter in June that no classified materials remained at Mar-a-Lago.

So, either the FBI conducted a raid under false pretense or Trump has some serious legal problems on his hands.


Numerous reports have surfaced regarding a Trump standing order that anything taken to the residence, any residence, was deemed declassified.

The president’s ability to have blanket classification authority on documents will surely be tested in this case.

The mere fact that these documents were at Mar-a-Lago, per that order, means they were all declassified, which is the argument being made now by Trump’s legal team.

The DOJ clearly does not interpret things that way, so this is going to get tested in court.

To make things even more interesting, it has also been reported that the FBI took privileged documents from Mar-a-Lago, a major no-no in the legal world.

Stay tuned, my friends, because this is going to be one heck of a fight.

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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17 Responses

  1. well there seems to be evidently some mis undertandings on the Govt side of the house but lets wait and see without any more seculation muding thewater any moremthant has allready happned. on the surfac it sounds like Trump has won the batle again but lets wait and see what he courts esp the supreme court has to say

    1. “Misunderstanding”????? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Can’t you see what is CLEARLY in front of your nose??? They have been attempting, time and again and again to dig a pit for Trump. Even those of us who didn’t vote for him KNOW THAT!!! It is more than obvious that there is a “hit” out on him and his reputation and legacy…like nothing else ever – since Nixon…
      I figure they knew it worked once so they are trying it again – but THIS time it is NOT working AND NEVER WILL WORK!!!!

  2. If these Criminal Dems were as focused on doing their job as they are on taking President Trump down our country would be in wonderful shape, but unfortunately, the Criminal Dems only see one thing clearly, and that ISN’T DOING THEIR ELECTED DUTY.

  3. These democratic fools need to give it up!!!! Everything they have tried has blown up in their faces!!! Face facts, he’s not corrupt like you all!!! But he knows what you did last summer!!! He has your number!!!!!!

    1. President Trump doesn’t get “mad”, he gets “even”. And as Chuck POS Schumer said on the steps of the Capitol, “They won’t know what happened” when he hits back!

  4. Well, there were the documents covered by the attorney-client privilege and the ones covered by presidential privilege. Those would have required separate warrants.

  5. This was probably the most illegal raid in recent history. The FBI had no legal grounds without any real evidence if any wrong doing. At the same time they completely ignored the fact that during Clintons Presidency,Hillary stole furniture from the White House a d the during Obama’s Presidency his two daughters stole artifacts out of the White House and sold them on the internet. This was a well organized attack on Trump personality by the Democratic Party again.

    1. The FBI is trying to find a crime that President Trump committed. This IS NOT HOW IT IS DONE. Prosecutors are suppose to have a crime and then go after the person, not go after a person to find a crime. What the FBI did is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  6. Trump had been collecting evidence on a whole group of Demo’s—They HAD TO get those boxes
    before he made a lot of it public. It would have brought down a lot of people at the very top-I think he was
    saving it till he became President again–or if not in an explosive book. He had the facts. Hope he had made a copy
    they won’t be giving that info back to him for sure. There’s Obama, Biden and his cover-up in Ukraine-why do you
    think he’s willing to break the U.S. to keep giving to Ukraine? They got plenty of stuff on him and son, and the head
    of Ukraine is not lily white-he’s blackmailing him. Then there’s Hillary and Polosi and others.

  7. Time to go after the REAL criminals pelosi, clinton, soros,hussein obama.biden..harrisstop being so afraid of Trump…and STOP Wasting Americans money for these fake accusations….

    1. Liz cheney fired, many more dems and rinos to go in November… We need veto proof Republican majorities in House and Senate this fall to impeach Biden and his bums, finish the wall, close the borders, divert funds from 87,000 IRS agents to 87,000 ICE agents to track down and deport all the illegal aliens Biden’s bums let in to the USA.

  8. WOW! . . . Sounds like NAZI Germany, KGB, etc. You get the picture. You and I are next if we disagree with the Radical Left DEMOCRATS. This could be a ROUGH ride for EVERYONE Conservative! One Enlightened Patriot.

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