Trump Commits to Helping GOP Win Back House and Senate in 2022

This weekend, Trump held a big event at Mar-a-Lago to boost Republicans for the upcoming elections in 2022.

Early reports about the event noted that Trump was going to name a possible 2024 candidate, but that seemed to be a bit of a smokescreen.

Instead, Trump dropped a few names that we would expect to be atop his list if he does not run himself, but the main takeaway from the event was that Trump is fully committed to helping the GOP regain congressional power.

Reclaiming Congress

While everyone would love to jump ahead to the 2024 presidential election, we have some baby steps that need to be taken first.

The first step that needs to be taken is to identify vulnerable blue seats in the House and Senate.

Next, we need to identify candidates right out of the gate that can win those seats to help Republicans regain control in at least one, if not both of the chambers of Congress.

On this front, Trump stated, “I stand before you this evening filled with confidence that in 2022, we are going to take back the House and we are going to reclaim the Senate.”

Blasting the Enemies Within

The night was not without controversy, however, as Trump went off-script a bit to go after some of his enemies, including those within the party.

The media accused Trump of going on a “vulgar” rant, which we covered earlier today.

Former Speaker John Boehner said far worse about the likes of Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, and Trump this week, but the media barely covered it.

Trump calls McConnell a “dumb son of a bi***” and the media loses its mind.

Additionally, Trump hit Dr. Fauci and once again expressed disappointment in Mike Pence for not turning the electoral college vote back to the states for further review.

Readers may not like what I am about to say, but Trump needs to get past the election and concentrate on moving forward.

If he continues to bring it up, the media will dismiss whatever else he has to say solely because he continues to bring up the election.

At this point, there is nothing we can do about it, especially with Democrats holding all the cards right now.

Additionally, continuously referring to the election gives the censors the excuse they need to knock any content including Trump and/or anything he has to say right off the internet.

If Trump wants to have an impact, he needs to be heard, and if his videos and content continuously disappear, he obviously cannot help anyone win anything.

First, let’s get them out of office, then if we want to revisit what happened in the 2020 election once Republicans get back in charge, appoint a commission or a special counsel and make it happen.

Of note was that Trump went out of his way to mention both Governors Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis.

If Trump does not run, that is more than likely the ticket we will see for Republicans in 2024.

Source: Fox News

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30 Responses

  1. I agree with you……………Time for Trump to move on to events of today and into 2022! He also needs to stop being a mean attacker on those in the Republican Party that are the RINO and Swamp dwellers! He needs to take on the Reagan approach to attack with fact and wit! We all know who they are and I hate to say this, if they are the one that can win then he and we must support them, we must start playing the Dem’s game or our country will be lost forever!

  2. I’m here, but I’m afraid that 2022 may be too late. If the first 3 months are an example of what will follow, Biden and his henchmen can do a lot of damage during the next 20 months.

  3. I agree with you in point, however, the election is now part of history. If we do not pay attention to history we are doomed to repeat it. In fact, if we don’t pay attention to it, the left are apt to up their game. Maybe give Trump the right one I use his name and what happened as a point in lesson. Trump is a good leader. He not only got a Republicans to stand up, but leaders of nations . Trump was the leader, but many people worked together to bring results. We wanted someone to stand up, he did

  4. Trump needs to run for HOUSE from Fla. with the HOUSE controlled by the Republican party he could remove Pelosi from speaker and could impeach Biden and all the evil ones that stole the election.

  5. As much as I agree that President Trump is the true victor, any further dwelling on the best stolen election that money could buy only makes the Great President sound a bit sour grapey, like Lyin’ Hillary. As in the his book, The Art of the Deal (great read by the way!), President Trump must leave the past behind, concentrate on the NOW in order to change the FUTURE!

  6. Trump 2022 to help win House and Senate so he doesn’t have to work so hard in 2024 when he’s back as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Get this Clear and Present Danger (all of them) out of the White House!
    The term Depraved Indifference comes to mind as we look at the kids at the border. He thinks he is President? Of what? 75-80 million of us won’t ever believe it! MAGA-A!!!

    1. We have to stay on the stolen election, States are still doing audits, Lindell is coming out with another “Absolute” documentary, if we back off now, they will keep the machines and software and steal again. Now is not the time to be nice, we have the 75-80 million. I haven’t heard to many brave Republicans take on the stolen election. Trump and. Lindell have their own platforms and we will be on them, supporting them. The coattails riders better get in the fight with us. God save America.

  7. The Lefty Commie Fascist DemonRats are digging their own hole…Keep digging and jump in the hole you dig or be pushed!!!!


  9. Yes, they Stold the 2020 “Election & got Away with it!! We Must now FOCUS on re-claiming House & Senate & Removing the Rinos!!! Then set up a commission to not only “investigate “ but to “convict” the Treasonist and punishment to the Maximum!!

  10. I frankly believe the best thing is for Trump to run for the house and take it back and impeach Biden and Kamala, then plossie.

  11. Soros, Obama and Rice also need to be removed ASAP! I keep hearing from people that something needs to be done BUT how can it be done and WHO is going to DO IT and WHEN?? This country is going down the drain so fast it is frightening! So many crazy evil minded idiot politicians!!
    GOD please help us!!

  12. I’m still so angry about the stolen 2020 election, I can’t help but dwell on it! I can certainly understand President Trump’s anger and hurt. However, I’m equally as angry with our Supreme Court, who refuse to do anything about it! They know the truth as well as we, especially since Michael Lindell’s video that CLEARLY shows it was rigged. Therefore, I believe we should stay on their backs until they do their job! Otherwise, every forthcoming election will have the SAME cheating and they will continue to win. In the meantime, we are losing our country, as well as our candidates!

  13. Mike Pence could have saved our country and the WORLD if he had any courage . If he thinks we would have him as our president after what he did I would fight with my last breath to have him defeated. Trump could have been president and we would not have to worry about China Iran Jobs ,the list goes on THANKS PENCE.

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